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Best Computer Education

Alma delivers high-quality, reliable and cost-effective IT services to clients around the world. We complement industry and technology skills with a focus on business solutions. Alma works hard to provide quality education across the country & overseas.


Alma works hard to provide quality education to the students & the professionals

For this, Alma 

• Offers Multiple>  job-oriented IT courses
• Provides Course ware >  make it easy to learn
• Appoints trained & certified teachers > to take classes
• Provides lots of lab time > for practice

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Text messages motivate patients to finish medicine regimen

  A study has found that simple text message reminders to take malaria medication could help in the fight against the disease by boosting the rates at which patients complete their medication regimen.Julia Raifman, a Ph.D. candidate in the Harvard School of Public Health has said that only when patients don't complete their full medication regimen, diseases develop resistance to treatment and with infectious diseases like malaria, drug resistant diseases could spread to others. The research staff in Ghana had recruited more than 1,100 people outside pharmacies and healthcare facilities, who then used their mobile phones to enrol in an automated ... Read More

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