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Best Computer Education

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Best Computer Education

Alma delivers high-quality, reliable and cost-effective IT services to clients around the world. We complement industry and technology skills with a focus on business solutions. Alma works hard to provide quality education across the country & overseas.


Alma works hard to provide quality education to the students & the professionals

For this, Alma 

• Offers Multiple>  job-oriented IT courses
• Provides Course ware >  make it easy to learn
• Appoints trained & certified teachers > to take classes
• Provides lots of lab time > for practice

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Day dreaming, reality runin opposite directions

  While tracking brain activity in people who imagined scenes or watched videos, researchers have discovered that as people daydream, its path through the brain runs opposite reality. This could lead to the development of new tools to help untangle what happens in the brain during sleep and dreaming. "There seems to be a lot in our brains and animal brains that is directional; that neural signals move in a particular direction, then stop and start somewhere else. I think this is really a new theme that had not been explored," said Barry Van Veen, professor of electrical and computer engineering at University ... Read More

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