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Alma Domestic Offshoots

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Alma  Domestic Offshoots

Alma is a Big group of like minded people with many successes & smiles. Being an established brand in computer education and training, it has many off-shoots with distinct performance under the flagship of Alma. Alma runs a Non Governmental Organization (NGO) to serve the cause of social justice and safeguard the constitutional rights of the common men of India.



Alma Limited

IT & Management Educational Group

Alma is a Big group of likeminded people with many successes & smiles. Being an established brand in computer education and training, it has many off-shoots with distinct performance under the flagship of Alma.

IT Education: Alma looks forward to pave the way for IT education in rural as well as tribal belt of country through national computer literacy projects. To enthuse urban youth, Alma offers more advanced IT education courses that are synchronized with advanced technological revolution at global level. Alma offers value added International Certifications in Information Technology education from Australia & Mauritius.

Alma R&D: Research & development is the life line of IT sector. Alma Research and Development (R&D) is prominent division of Alma group that works in the area of research & development of computer, IT and Web based technological advancement. A Professional staff of programmer’s Software and Hardware Engineers, System Developers, Language Experts, and Budding Scientists are working to update the technology sector. Alma offers innovative IT solutions for advanced software programs.

Alma Information Technology (I) Ngo
Affordable Quality Computer Education

Alma runs a Non Governmental Organization (NGO) to serve the cause of social justice and safeguard the constitutional rights of the common men of India.  Apart from these, Alma NGO woks for underprivileged, elderly people and provide Scholarships for poor students and so on.

Alma Teachers Training Program
IT Education/ Training & Certification for aspiring Teachers

Alma offers Teachers Training Program for the holistic development of the education. Our country needs qualified teachers to meet the escalating demand in the schools, colleges, institutions & also at the corporate level to impart the education & training to the students for the development and growth in all walks of life. 

Alma Press
Publication Media- news & events broadcasting centre 

Alma Press is a Centralized Publication Media & events broadcasting centre of Alma. Presently publishing Alma Times- A national newspaper, Alma Magazine- A global news & information magazine for overseas circulation, AIITA News- A national newspaper for the members of AIITA, all such publications are made available free of cost to the respective associates across the world.

Alma Times
A national newspaper

Alma Times is a national newspaper in English & Hindi to promote the cause of computer education, computer literacy movement and IT awareness among youth of the country. The national newspaper is circulated free of cost to the members and aims to provide news related to Alma, IT & national international major events. 
Alma Times- Press Card for members only
Be a Press Journalist for Alma Times- The National News Paper.   
Apply for Press Card at press@alma.in       

Alma Placement Division
Alma job Portal www.almajobs.com

Placement Cell provides free Registration for students & professionals at job portal: www.almajobs.com, it offers wide opportunities for getting employments among youth. Alma authorized learning Centres across the country use the portal for the passed out students and assist them for better placement at national & international levels. Professionals use the portal for their mid career development in the suitable profession. 

Alma Computing College

Diploma & Degree-UG & PG courses of Management and IT
Alma College is prominent centre for management and technical education that is affiliated by recognized by universities. The college campus is spread over one lack square feet area and is equipped with all advanced facilities for students of various faculties.

Community College

Empowering individuals through appropriate skill development
Community College is an alternate system of education which aims to empower individuals through appropriate skill development leading to gainful employment in collaboration with the local industry and the Community.  It helps in developing skills for employment and self employability particularly to the marginalized and underprivileged sections of society and intends to address socio-economic problem with Community College. The vision of the Community College is to be of the Community, for the Community and by the Community and to produce responsible citizens.

Alma National Computer Literacy Mission
Project-Computer literacy to the School Children

A project to reinforce computer knowledge and skills to the students of class III to XII of recognized schools spread over the nation. The school project courses are well synchronized with the syllabus & schedule of the respective school.

Socio-Cultural Group

Alma promotes arts and culture to keep the tradition on going from generation to generation.  Alma Suturing encourages music, painting, literature, singing through national event of Alma suturing. Alma patronizes more cultural events to motivate youth of the country through various activities and awards.

Alma Sports:
Sponsors youth in sports at state and national level

Alma enthuses and sponsors youth in sports and games too. To serve this, Alma Sports Club is established in Mumbai & Indore to facilitate proper training to the talented youth for state and national level tournaments. A group of professional coaches are engaged to train and guide the players to perform better in the competitions. Alma Sports organize sport camps, tournaments from time to time to inculcate sportsman spirit.


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