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Long Term- Objectives

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Long Term- Objectives

To Undertake Studies Relating Changes In Technologies World-Wide And To Absorbed Them In Industry To Achieve Improved Productivity And Efficiency And To Arrange Technical Trainings. Conservation of Natural Resources by Application of Improved Techniques.






Long Term- Objectivies

To  achieve improved productivity and efficiency and to arrange technical trainings.

  • Provide Computer Education, Technical Education, School Education, and other training programs Spread computer education in remote villages and rural areas by helping Gram Panchayat & local Provide computer education in the lowest fee in the scheduled caste, scheduled Tribes.
  • Spread computer awareness in backward areas of the society. 
  • Distribute the national awards to the talented students in various fields. 
  • Minimize the fee structure of Computer Education and spread the awareness through Computer Establish & Run orphanages and old age homes in the country.
  • Provide higher education through ALMA college of Information Technology and Management.
  •  Organize Educational Seminars, Educational Projects, Computer awareness Missions in different areas. 
  • Develop and increase the feeling of Patriotism in the citizens of India. 
  • Development of Information Technology Exchange Programs in all over the world. 

  • Make and prepare the software’s for the development of educational abilities in the people of Conservation of natural resources by application of improved techniques. 

  • Promote energy conservation through energy audit and usage of non-conventional energy source.

  • Work for the development of computer education in Government, Semi Government and Private.

  • Institutions, Colleges and Schools by organizing educational & training Courses.

  • Empowerment of rural women through mass vocational training and counseling for poverty alleviation and development.

  • Provide free computer education to the handicapped & disable students.

  • Co-ordinate with the Central & State governments for the better output of Industrial, Technical.

  • Education activities to the society by breaking money barriers.

  • Spread Indian languages like Hindi & Sanskrit in all over the world. remote villagesliteracy mission.

  • Undertake education related changes in technologies world-wide and to absorb them in Industry to achieve improved productivity and efficiency and arrange for technical training.


      C A R E E R                                                                           

    To disperse IT and computer education across the country for the cause of community and ensure the access of IT/Computer related vocational educational and training programmes.



The globally identified/ recognized importance and the need of basic and vocational computer education with Competitive advantage inter alia, include...


Competitive advantage


  •  Demonstrated and acknowledged growth in the area on basis of self sustaining approach coupled with positive Students response.

  • Generation of employment as entrepreneur/professional  and achieve social and economic transformation.







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