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It is our firm belief that value based learning has far greater relevance in a dynamic and ever changing work environment. Alma is a team of professionals to support and care the associates all around. This ensures that every student of Alma shares a very special relationship with the organization, which leads to effective realization of our objectives and students goals. ... Read More

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How to harness the power of a promise

What does making a promise mean to you? Do you promise to others (and yourself) that you will definitely do, give, or arrange something, or declare that something will happen? Walk the dog, lose that extra weight, return grandma's phone call. In today's fast-paced and turbulent world, does making a promise still hold any weight? According to Jay Boolkin, Making a promise is, in many ways, similar declaring an intention to stick to a commitment or achieve a goal. In each case we are essentially making a pledge to carry out some future action. Breaking promises, defaulting on commitments, or ... Read More