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Be Enriched As …

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Go Ahead & Find the Benefits Alma Has to Offer …These opportunities are never lost, If you don’t grab, someone else will. So, follow your Intrest, don't MISS! It offers growth oriented opportunities being powerful Franchise concept and invites those who would like to become entrepreneur in computer education and training sector.







Search the most interesting Opportunity

Go ahead & find the benefits Alma has to offer …  


And Be Enriched As …

  1. Master in Your Subject with Comprehensive Course Programs
  2. Professional with Job Oriented Course Programs
  3. Expert with Advance Level Courses & Courseware 
  4. Placed Right in Your Job with Alma Assistance atwww.almajobs.com 
  5. Franchisee and Own a Learning Centre
  6. Manager of a Learning Centre
  7. Faculty of a Learning Centre
  8. Entrepreneur of Your Choice
  9. Centre Head of a Learning Centre
  10. Development Executive for Learning Centres
  11. Master Franchisee in Your District
  12. Master Franchisee in Your State
  13. Press Journalist for Alma Times in Your Location
  14. Social Worker in Your Location
  15. Member of IT Association of India
  16. Teacher in a Reputed School/College
  17. Visiting Faculty/Trainer for IT Institutes
  18. Examiner/Invigilator for the Institute 
  19. Graduate from reputed University 
  20. Post Graduate from reputed University 
  21. Team Player of Alma ...
     And More...  


Be the one, who creats for others



These opportunities are never lost, 

If you don’t grab, someone else will.



So, follow your Interest, don't MISS!





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