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You will be involved in our core fabric of flexibility, creativity and innovation, leading you to the enjoyment of education and to realize your dreams and potential.Our innovative academic programs incorporate a tradition of academic excellence and experimental learning with an emphasis on team-work. The institute’s environment instills the skills needed to succeed in a competitive global environment.








Alma is leading brand in computer education sector for last a decade history of strong presence. It offers growth oriented opportunities being powerful Franchise concept and invites those who would like to become entrepreneur in computer education and training sector. Alma has had a strong Franchisee network across the country along with number of computer education and training centers. Alma’s Franchise Offers helps you to initiate your opportunity in computer center in competitive environment.

Alma has two project franchise offer viz. Individual Franchise Status and District Master Franchise (DMF) status by which you may join Alma Family. Franchise offers ranging from village, Tehsil, City and District levels with granted amount of certain place status in terms of Demographic population. As for District Master Franchise status, it encompasses the demographic population of whole district of any state. Career being Alma Franchise is more than just entrepreneurial potential to contribute you efforts in the development of computer education and national growth as well. 

Apply:  to Be A Part of Alma

fter receiving the following documents along with the duly filledagreement kit.

1. Photo Copy of Institute name registration with, Pvt. Ltd., Limited, Corporation etc.

2. Rent agreement, if place is on rent

3. Personal Identification proof

4. Passport size photographs 6 Nos.

fication certificate photo copy

7. Bio-data

8. Partnership deed photocopy, if any

9. Rs. 100 stamp paper for agreement (Nos. -2)

11. Photograph of centre inner & outward area & mapping to reachthe institute from Airport / Railway Station / Bus Stand


Authorization  >

Once the formalities are over. you shall be Authorized to commence the approved courses at the proposed Centre in the assigned location

Alma HO will despach the Start-up Kit to start the activeted centre for the student learning 

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