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Based on the opinion , academics experts that the formation of a Healthy World of IT & ITES is only essentially possible, through developing and providing world class education at both the extremities, first at the Foundation Courses and later at the End Course to attain proficiency in the selected Professional Field.





A Pioneer In Computer Literacy Moment Aiita- All India IT Association  

Recommendations- Membership  Options with aiita

Aiita pleased to extend and share the hand on expertise with you and the institute as an associate source Centre IT & ITES World. 

Sustainable Association offers are available for our Prospective Members

Aiita strategic alliance options are available for Horizontal & Vertical integrations for a long & mutually valuable association. 

Multiple opportunities are opened across the nation, select the one suitable to you. And reach to materialize the proposal meant for your kind of set up.

Aiita Membership Details >

  Office Bearer- aiita-Working committee set-up
In each state & union territory nationwide

1.    tate Vice-President
2.        State Joint Secretary


For becoming a member you have to send all the certified documents of your Institute/College, along with 2 P.P. sized photographs.

Payment should be made by Demand Draft, payable at Indore,

Should be sent directly to the office , Indore – 452001 (M.P.)

Documents required for Membership &Authorization of learning Centre:-

Prescribed Membership Application Form duly filled-in and signed up by you along with the following:

  •  Copy of the valid registration of your institution
  •  2 nos. of recent passport sized colored photograph of the applicant.
  •  Colored photographs of your institute, office, counseling room, labs etc.
  •  Certificate of Franchise will be given after receiving the complete documents.
  •  Admission Form Charge: Rs.  5/- each.
  •  No Royalty:  No royalty shall be charged on your institutional tuition fees.
  •  Flex (Size 10x3): We shall provide you only one Flex free-of-charge, duly mentioning the name of your institution; however, any subsequent quantity would be chargeable @ Rs. 450/- each.
  •  Tuition Fees: We shall not claim any part or contribution from the tuition fees.






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