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(Centre code-123132) Mr. Saquib Farooq from Sopore,Baramulla, J&K.

 Centre Code  123132  Institute Name  Compsoft Solutions  Centre Head Name  Mr. Saquib Farooq  Centre Location  Sopore, Baramulla, J&K  Email Id  saquib.jamie@gmail.com ... Read More

(Centre code-123131) Mr. Abhijeet C. Deshmukh from Mangrul, Washim (Maharashtra).

 Centre Code  123131  Institute Name  Ideal Computer  Centre Head Name  Mr. Abhijeet C. Deshmukh  Centre Location  Mangrul, Washim (Maharashtra)  Email Id  abhijeetdeshmukh221@gmail.com ... Read More

(Centre code-123130) Mr. Dnyaneshwar W. Raut from Karanyalad, Washim (Maharashtra).

 Centre Code  123130  Institute Name  Aaradhya Softech   Centre Head Name  Mr. Dnyaneshwar W. Raut  Centre Location  Karanyalad,Washim (Maharashtra)  Email Id  dnyaniid46@gmail.com ... Read More

(Centre code-123128) Ms. Rekha Das from Silchar, Assam.

 Centre Code  123128  Institute Name  SK Beauty Parlour  Centre Head Name  Ms. Rekha Das  Centre Location  Silchar, Assam  Email Id  skbeautyparloursil@gmail.com ... Read More

(Centre code-123127) Mr. Pradeep Nair from Gandhidham, Gujarat.

 Centre Code  123127  Institute Name  Alma Computer Education  Centre Head Name  Mr. Pradeep Nair  Centre Location  Gandhidham, Gujarat  Email Id  pknair77@gmail.com ... Read More

(Centre code-123126) Mr. Virsangbhai Parbatbhai Gohil from Bharuch, Gujarat.

 Centre Code  123126  Institute Name  Newbie Computer Education  Centre Head Name  Mr. Virsangbhai Parbatbhai Gohil  Centre Location  Bharuch, Gujarat  Email Id  gvbprabhu@gmail.com ... Read More

(Centre code-123125) Mr. Jayswal Vipul Kumar/Sunil Chauhan from Ghoghamba, Panchmahal, Gujarat.

 Centre Code  123125  Institute Name  Shree Academy  Centre Head Name  Mr. jayswal Vipul Kumar/Sunil Chauhan  Centre Location  Ghoghamba, Panchmahal, Gujarat  Email Id  jayswalv4@gmail.com ... Read More

(Centre code-123124) Mr. Gagandeep Lakhanpal from Chandigarh.

 Centre Code  123124  Institute Name  Alma School Project  Centre Head Name  Mr. Gagandeep Lakhanpal  Centre Location  Chandigarh  Email Id  glakhanpal@gmail.com ... Read More

(Centre code-123123) Mr. Kulbhushan Verma from Mandi, Himachal Pradesh.

 Centre Code  123123  Institute Name  Annanya Computers  Centre Head Name  Mr. Kulbhushan Verma  Centre Location  Mandi, Himachal Pradesh  Email Id  annanya_ksg@yahoo.co.in ... Read More

(Centre code-123122) Ms. Anjali Gudi from Hubli, Karnataka.

 Centre Code  123122  Institute Name  Alma Computer & Training Institute  Centre Head Name  Ms. Anjali Gudi  Centre Location  Hubli, Karnataka  Email Id  an.pr.gudi@gmail.com ... Read More

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Uncertainty is the Only Correct Way to Think?

Many people have a false notion of reasoning that suggests if something is uncertain, they are free to believe what they want. While you're always free to believe anything, including falsehoods, that doesn't mean they are justified.  As Scott H Young says that my claim is that uncertainties, which are weighted appropriately, are the only justifiable beliefs to have. For many things in life, the uncertainty is so small we can ignore it. We don't regularly consider the possibility that gravity will cease to function and they'll float into space because the doubt is miniscule. But just because we can ... Read More