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ALMA was founded in the year 1999 with the sole objective of providing the computer education at a minimum affordable fee across the nation.














Q 01. What is Alma?

Ans. ALMA is one of the Leading computer education provider organizations, which is engaged in spreading over of the Computer Literacy in urban and rural areas. The verbal meaning of the ALMA in Latin is ALMA Mater "Place of Learning” and in Greek it is the voice of Soul. Since last 60 years various organizations are already working in the name of the ALMA in United States of America & Europe in different fields. In addition to India the ALMA is working in Netherlands, Mauritius, Australia, Surinam and Nepal with the objective of providing Job-oriented computer courses to the students. ALMA is a non-commercial non-profitable organization and a registered service provider of computer education at a minimum affordable fee.

Q 02. What is NGO?

Ans. NGO means Non-Governmental Organization or Non-Gaining Organization. Like ALMA is providing its services of computer education on non-commercial basis. Every organization that is supporting government policies and rendering services to support the government related work is called an NGO.
Non Governmental Organizations (NGOs) include organizations engaged in public service, based on ethical, cultural, social, economic, political, religious, spiritual, philanthropic or scientific & technological considerations.
NGOs should broadly have the following characteristics:
• They are private, i.e., separate from Government
• They do not return profits generated to their owners or directors
• They are self-governing, i.e., not controlled by Government
• They are registered organizations or informal groups, with defined aims and objectives

In India a Non Governmental Organization can be registered as Trusts, Societies, or a private limited nonprofit company, under section-25 Company of the Indian Companies Act, 1956.

Q 03. What is the main objective of Alma?

Ans. The main objective of ALMA is to provide with the latest Job-oriented courses in Computer Education across the country, especially in urban and rural areas at a minimum affordable fee.

Q 04. When was ALMA founded?

Ans. ALMA was founded in the year 1999 with the sole objective of providing the computer education at a minimum affordable fee across the nation.

Q 05. Is ALMA recognized and registered organization?

Ans. ALMA is fully recognized & registered organization under:

• Ministry of Company & Affairs – Indian Companies Act, 1956- Government of India
• NGO engaged in public services- Ministry of Social Justice- Government of India
• Registered under Gazette Notification Society, Co-operative Society and Trust Act-Govt.    of MP
• Registered under NCO (National Code of Occupation) Ministry of labor- Government of India
• Approved & Accredited by DOEACC Society, Ministry of Communications & Information Technology- Government of India
• Registered under Trade Mark Registry Act 1999, clause 16, 26,35,41,42. Government of India
• Registered under Press & Registration of Books Act 1867- Government of India
• ISO 9001 2008 & ISO 140001-2004 Certified Company.
• Registered under Ministry of Company & Affairs- Indian Companies Act, 1956 (Govt. of India)
• Registered under NGO Work related to Ministry of Social Justice (Govt. of India)
• Registered under Gadget Notification Society, Cooperative Society and Trust Act (Govt. of MP)
• Registered under NCO (National Code of Occupation) Court (Ministry of Labor, Govt. of India)
• ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company
 •ISO 14001:2004 Certified Company
• Registered under Trade Mark Registry Act, 1999, Class 16, 26, 35, 41, 42 (Govt. of India)
• Registered Secretary Office of All India IT Association (AIITA)
• Registered under Press and Registration of Books Act, 1867 (Govt. of India)
• Member of World IT Federation, USA
• Performance 3 Star grading certificate from ICAL, Australia
• Affiliation – International Informatics Mauritius Limited- Republic of Mauritius
• Affiliation – International Certification Australia Limited, Sydney- Australia
• Registered Secretary Office of NGO’s Association of India u/s 25, Company affairs India

Q 06 With whom Alma is associated?

Ans. Alma holds the following Membership & Affiliations:
• Member of All India IT Association-AIITA.
• ALMA College affiliated to PRIST University (Under Section 3 of UGC Act 1956) Tamil Nadu.
• Member of World IT Federation, USA.
• Member of NGO’s Association of India, New Delhi.
• Member of Franchise Association of India, Mumbai.
• Alma is affiliated to Mahatma Gandhi Antarrashtriya Hindi Vishwavidhyalaya (Central University formed by Govt. of India by an Act of Parliament)

Q 07. How Alma is involved in Social Responsibility?

Ans. The organization is also involved in various educational and social welfare programs including the work of Human Resource and Development and the Welfare Department of Indian Government. ALMA also gives its contribution in various educational programs of different state governments of the country. The organization also conducts various projects for the development of women in need under Ministry of Social Justice, Govt. of India.

Q 08. Who’s who in ALMA?

Ans. Hon'ble Dr. Prabhakar Mishra is the National President of the ALMA. He is well known and reputed personality being known as former Vice-Chancellor of Banaras University and MLA. Pt. Vishnu Prasad Shukla is its Chairman, Prof. Dr. Rajeev Sharma is Vice-Chairman and Advocate Santosh Shukla is Director of the ALMA. Its patrons are Shri Rajeev Shukla the Member of Rajya Sabha of MP, Shri Shyama Charan Shukla & Shri Digvijay Singh Ex-Chief Ministers of MP, Shri G.R. Khairnar Ex-Municipal Commissioner of Mumbai, Shri Subhash Chandra Tripathi IPS Ex-DIG of MP, Shri Kailash Vijayvargiya and Shri Anoop Mishra Ministers of MP, Shri Kirti Azad MP Delhi, Shri Mahesh Joshi and Shri Phoolchand Verma Ex-Ministers of MP, Shri R.K. Tripathi IPS, Shri Sanjay Kumar Shukla IAS, Smt. Jamuna Devi Opp. Leader Congress MP and Ex-Dy. Chief Minister, Shri Subhash Yadav President Congress Committee MP and Ex-Dy. Chief Minister, Shri V.D. Gyani and Shri R.D. Shukla Retd. Justices of High Court, Shri Ashwin Joshi MLA Indore.

Q 09. What are the benefits to an institution to be connected with ALMA?

Ans. The institution would be an authorized learning Centre to conduct the courses of ALMA. The students admitted in the centre would be provided with the appropriate courseware for the respective exam. Alma would extend support system to manage the related activities of the centre. Its membership is 'Lifetime' hence no periodic license fee is required to be paid. Every centre head would receive a national newspaper service. Free project and placement assistance to every student will be given after the establishment of software development division in the states. There are ample chances to turn as a Profit Centre in optimum ways in short time. With the wide range of courses capability improvement will be an added benefit. And the best of all, ALMA do not charge any Royalty from the students for the courses conducted by the Centre.

Q 10. What are the benefits to Directors/Centre Heads of a Franchisee Centre?

Ans. The Directors and Centre Heads would have a lifetime active role in resource development. They will also get a benefit like a reporter for National newspaper. There would be several occasions to perform major role in Joint National and International participations in the social activities. In addition to that they will get more benefits in later phases as per the directions of the Central Government and Ministry of HRD as well as State Government.

Q 11. What are the benefits to the students?

Ans. Students are getting approved training programs on non-commercial basis. And after the Examination clearance from their respective learning centre Head they would be provided with the relevant PG/Master Diploma / Diploma/ Certification Course Certificates& Marks Sheets. Besides profound knowledge it will improve the Resume of the student for better career prospects. Additionally benefits are lifetime knowledge up-gradation, lifetime membership on NGO's web services and distance learning, Live project work, value added on services like personality developments, multi language learning, free placement assistance.

Q 12. Are new courses are being launched?

Ans. ALMA's courses are updated from time to time based on the Industry need. New courses are also being launched to equip students to face challenges of International competition.

Q 13. Does ALMA provide International courses & certifications?

Ans. ALMA does provide International courses & certifications to the India students at reasonable fee. Presently ALMA is providing International courses & certifications from IIML- International Informatics Mauritius Limited- Global Education.

Q 14. Are its diplomas and certificates prestigious and approved?

Ans. ALMA's all the diplomas and certificates are prestigious and approved. The Certification of ALMA is approved by all National and International government bodies. The Diplomas and Certificates of ALMA are valid and honored world wide.

Q 15. How ALMA is different from other institutions?

Ans. The ALMA is working on non-commercial and not profitable basis. So it is quite different from other institutions.

Q 16. In which fields it is representing in the world?

Ans. ALMA is the first Chartered Member of World Information Technology Federation, New York (USA) from India. It is a matter of great privilege and humble pride for ALMA.

Q 17. What are the main Activities of Alma?

Ans. The main Activities of Alma may be summarized as follows:

• Spread over the Computer Literacy & Computer Education.
• Minimize the fee structure of computer education
• Provide higher education at affordable fee structure
• Conduct Workshops & Seminars on Information Technology
• Promote Job-oriented Courses of computer education and other education Fields
• Promote energy conservation
• Develop patriotism
• Support Welfare of underprivileged, scheduled castes & tribal students                                                                                                                                     Support Women- welfare & empowerment, child- welfare & education World-wide promulgation of Indian religion and culture
• Create cautions compassionate feelings with respect to all pervading religious recognitions
• Promotion of social work with love and fraternity
• Organize the Medical camps for eye-donation, blood-donation, eye-operation etc.
• Organize the therapeutic camps in urban and rural areas
• Work for the up-lift of the poor in rural fields
• Work for public welfare on international stratum.
• Promote computer education, astrology, cultural education, Sanskrit, Yoga and Dhyana in India and world as a whole
• Co-operate and co-ordinate with NGOs
• Awareness of govt. Policies among people
• Facilitate the function of government and administration
• Work for the public interest being dedicated to the humanity
• Welcome the progress of small scale industry and cottage industry
• Create awareness among the people regarding the horrors of AIDS and make them aware of its prevention.
• Respect views and verdicts of mighty minds for the endowment with compassion and sympathy for the meek and weak.
• Establish and run orphans and old age homes in the country.
• Provide free computer education to the handicapped and disabled students.
• Work for environment safety and to make all efforts in this direction.
• Distribute the national awards to the talented students in every field.

Q 18. Is the relationship with ALMA life long?

Ans. All the Chairpersons, Managers, Officers, Students are not the part of ALMA for any limited duration but remain associated with ALMA through out their lives.

Q 19. What are the Facts and Figures of Alma Journey?

Facts That Speak For Themselves

• In Service since-1999
• Service across the world
• Service Centres in all the states of India
• Alma- Authorized Learning Centres Network above – 1000 Centres
• Students passed out from Centres Network - 7 Lacs plus
• Students turned Entrepreneurs-1800
• Corporate Social Responsibilities - Free Education to needy students- 55000
• 3 Star Grade Certified by ICAL- Sydney-Australia
• International affiliation in Australia with ICAL & in Mauritius with IIML
• International Certificate- ISO 9001:2008 & ISO 14001:2004 Certified Company
• Government of India recognized organization • Established in the year- 1999
• Alma Learning centers- 1050
• Working in states of India- 22
• Working in countries-11
• Students passed out- 6 lacs +
• Students became entrepreneurs- 1800
• Free education to needy students-55000 and Ever growing to contribute extensively for the progress of our Nation through the development of Students

Q 20. Is ALMA serving out of India?

Ans. Including India there are several resident representatives of the organization working for ALMA in entire U.S.A., U.K., Australia, Bhutan, Bangladesh, Holland, Kenya, Mauritius, New Zealand, Uganda and Singapore. ALMA is spreading its service wings across the world to provide value education system to the students.

Q 21. In which fields ALMA distributes International Awards?

Ans. Every year ALMA distributes the international awards for the outstanding performances in the fields of Arts, Ayurveda, Commercial Management, Education, Medical Science, and Social Work and Sports.

Q 22. Does ALMA give scholarships to deserving students?

Ans.ALMA gives the scholarships for studies to the deserving candidates.

Q 23. Does ALMA provide free services to the handicapped?

Ans. ALMA provides free education to the handicapped students.

Q 24. Which divisions work under ALMA Limited?

Ans. ALMA has various divisions under which it works in different areas of society:-

• ALMA Information Technology (I) NGO
• ALMA College of IT & Management
• ALMA School Projects
• ALMA Trust of India
• ALMA Mercantile Credit Sahkarita Ltd.
• ALMA Times
• ALMA Gyan Prasar Yojna
• ALMA Kids Zone
• ALMA International
• ALMA Welfare Society
• National Computer Literacy Mission
Computer Education & Technical Syllabus

Goals and Objectives

One of the primary objectives of the Alma is the development of qualified professionals in the field of computer and IT related fields. The ALMA conducts an educational and examination program for prospective members in order to achieve this objective. To develop an expert knowledge of a broad range of techniques to solve problems and to develop the ability to discern the appropriateness of techniques for particular applications based on knowledge of the underlying assumptions, strengths, and weaknesses. To develop an expert knowledge of a broad range of relevant and standard actuarial practices in order to present a framework for the use of problem-solving techniques.

Note: The items in this Syllabus were chosen for their educational value. They are intended to expose the candidate to a wide range of information and to a variety of methods, opinions, and practices in the actuarial field. Inclusion of material in the Syllabus does not imply that the ALMA endorses the views, methodologies, or techniques therein.


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