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Why Alma ? Core values facilitate Results through People and Technology. Quality Flow comes through People > Performance > Results. Our vision is to provide the highest quality software & hardware education & training services to the students.

Our customers' experience of Alma is through our people and their performance, which result in an outstanding track record of success. These are the achievements that influence customers to trust us. The relationships which cause our customers to return to us year after year are built by our people.

As a part of the Alma team, every member contributes his or her unique skills and experience to execute projects successfully in tandem with our aspiring students. We work hard at creating mutually beneficial relationships between our Centres & Students to strengthen bonds of trust and loyalty over the years.

• Opportunities for learning
• Exposure to the latest technologies and methodologies
• Interaction with international clients
• Onsite/offshore management and development opportunities

Excited about a career with great opportunities for growth?
Join Alma and join our team of go-getters!

Alma Limited was incorporated in the year 2006. It is a fast-growing global IT education & training provider company with a reputation for being a quality Information Technology and Services Provider. We provide software & hardware education and training through our Authorized Learning Centres spread across the country and project management services in addition to Outsourcing Services from reputed institutes. 

Our vision is to provide the highest quality software & hardware education & training services to the students.

Our aim is to be the first choice for our students when the need arises for high quality technical resources. Also, our goal is to be the preferred placement provider through Alma jobs portal.  

Alma deliversIT services to clients around the world. We  industry and technology skills with a business.



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