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Renewal process of ALMA & AIITA starts from March 2022

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Renewal process of ALMA & AIITA starts from March 2022

Indore : Renewal process of computer centers of ALMA & AIITA for the session 2022-23 has started from 01 March, 2022. Apart from this, other brands of ALMA Including Alma Kids International Pre-school, membership of NGOs Association of India (NAI) and membership of Alma Times & Alma Today with press cards have been started. This was informed by Shri Santosh Shukla (Director of ALMA). Shri Santosh Shukla said that the annual renewal process of membership of NGOs Association of India has started from 01 March 2022 for the new session of 2022-23. Center heads of ALMA, AIITA and other units will have to fulfill renewal form along with prescribed processing fee before the last date 30 April 2022. The management took pride to inform your good self that ALMA got the status of pioneering organization as Alma World Company from London (UK). Surely, we have now more philanthropic powers to do social welfare activities from the organization. Since its inception, your cooperation, mutual understanding and deep rooted faith with us is really appreciative to promote the objectives of the association. Apart from being a member of the association, center heads could also represent their locality through World Book of Records, London by registering their institute with Quality Certification, London, South Asian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SACCI), represent being correspondent for cyber television (CTV) and national media correspondent of Alma Today. Alma family expectes mutual coordination and growth from all existing center heads and their dedication for promoting the social, cultural, educational, environmental, health, human rights, social justice, harmony & peace and other causes would guide us to lead potential work out. For more details contact - office@alma.in

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