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Certificate in Dot Net Framework & C++

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Certificate in Dot Net Framework & C++

ALMA offers many job oriented computer courses.”Certificate in Dot Net Framework & C++ ” is one of the ALMA approved course.The detailed contents of this course is in the attachment.

DURATION : 6 Months


Microsoft Visual Studio 2010

Microsoft VB.Net 2010

  • Introduction to microsoft.net framework , exploring the visual studio ide , getting started with visual basic.net , working with functions, proceduresand  properties advanced features of visual basic , window forms & controls , working with dialog boxes , creating mdi applications & help system ,introduction to ado.net , data access and manipulation with ado.net , data access using entity framework , data connectivity &  binding.


Microsoft C#.NET 2010

  • Introduction to the .NET Framework 4.0 , Beginning with C# 2010 , Arrays , Operators and Flow Control Statements , Working with Functions, Constructors & Destructors, Operator Overloading, Properties, Indexers , Inheritance , Abstract Classes and Interfaces , Enums , Structs , and Delegates , Errors and Exceptions , Creating Multi-Threaded Applications , Attributes , File Handling , Collections and Generics.


Microsoft ASP.NET 4.0 with C#.NET

  • Getting Started with ASP.NET , Working with Forms and Controls , Web Form Validation and Web Site Navigation , Enhancing Web Sites using Master Pages and Themes , Managing State in ASP.NET Applications , Error Handling, Debugging and Tracing ASP.NET Applications , Using ADO.NET and XML Data Access.


Introduction to C++


  • Overviews of C++ :-- Object oriented Programming, concept , Advantage & ,usage of C++ . Classes and objects :classes structure and classes, union and classes, Friend function ,Friend classes, Inline function ,Scope resolution operator, Static class members, Static data members function, passing object to function, Returning objects , Object assignment.


  • Constructor & Destructor :-- Constructor and destructor: Introduction constructor , parameterized constructor , multiple constructor  in a class , constructor with default argument , copy constructor , copy constructor , Default  argument ,destructor.


  • Operator overloading :-- function & operator overloading: function overloading , overloading constructor function finding the address of an overloading function , operator overloading: creating a member operator function , Creating prefix and postfix form of the increment & decrement  operator , overloading the shorthand operation (i .e. +=,-=etc) , operator overloading restrictions , operator overloading using friend  function  , overloading loading  Some special operators , overloading [ ],(),-,comma operator , overloading <<.


  • Inheritance :-- Base class access control , protected member , Protected base class Inheritance , Inheritance multiple base class , constructors , destructors & Inheritance , when constructor & destructor function are expected , Passing parameter to base class constructors , grating access , Virtual functions & Polymorphism: virtual function , pure virtual function , early Vs , late binding.


  • The C++ input /output system basic :-- C++ stream , the basic stream classes: C++ Predefined stream , formatted I/o: formatting using the ios member , setting the format flags , clearing format flags , an overloaded  form of self.



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