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Certificate Course in Compufunda for Kids

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Certificate Course in Compufunda for Kids

ALMA offers Various computer courses .”Certificate Course in Compufunda for Kids” is one of the ALMA approved course Designed for Kids .The detailed contents of this course is in the attachment.


ELIGIBILITY : 4th                                        

DURATION : 2 Months


IT bases

  • Computer in Day-to-Day life , IT common bases in Day-to-Day life , Software – hardware , Data input and output devices , Security and precaution acts , Applications , Educational programsEducational games

Using a computer

  • Starting a computer , Restart a computer , Using the mouse , Knowing about Icons on the desktop , Selecting and moving the Icons on the desktop , Knowing about kids parts of windows , Creating a folder , Deleting a file , Turning off the computer

Word processor

  • Opening closing the word processor application , Creating a new document , Saving new file , Using the help function , Changing font type and size , Applying the commands like Bold , Italic, underlined into the text , Applying the commands like copy , cut , paste , Deleting the text , Copying a file

Spread sheets

  • Opening and closing the spread sheets application , Creating a new spread sheet , Saving a spread sheet , Using the help option , Entering number and text in one cell , row and column of a table , Entering a simple formula , Selecting a cell, row or column of a table , Inserting commands on the content of a table cell , Applying the commands like copy, cut and paste , Deleting a table text , Printing a spread sheet


  • Opening and closing a Drawing Program , Creating a new Drawing , Saving a Drawing , Using the Help option , Closing a Drawing File , Using lines and forms to create a new drawing , Creating colourful lines and forms , Inserting objects in a drawing , Printing a drawing


  • Knowing the concept of internet , Knowing the concept of www (world wide web) , Knowing the concept of URL (Uniform Resource Location) , Knowing about web browser and search engines , Opening and closing a web browser , Activating a link , Going forward and backward in web pages , Using a search engine , Selecting key words in a search , Saving a web page as a favorite , Printing a web page


  • Knowing about the concept of e-mail , Knowing about its priorities , Opening and closing e-mail application , Opening an e-mail message , Creating an e-mail message , Inserting an e-mail address in the appropriate box , Attaching a file to an e-mail , Sending a message , answering to a message and sending it



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