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Certificate in Office Automation

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Certificate in Office Automation

ALMA offers many job oriented computer courses.”Certificate in Office Automation” is one of the ALMA approved course.The detailed contents of this course is in the attachment.



DURATION : 4 Months


Fundamental Of Computers

  • Introduction To Computers , Types Of Computer , History Of Computer , Generation Of Computer , PC & Its Components , Disk Defragmentor , Categories Of PC , Evolution Of Micro Processors , Registers Of Micro Processors , Basic Components Of Computer System , Input Output& Storage Units , Software , Types Of Software , Types Of Operating System , Categories Of OS , Example Of Utility Program , Programming Languages , Generations Of Programming Language , Application Software , User &Example Of Application Software , Viruses , Types Of Virus , Virus Detection &Prevention , Communication Process , Communication Protocols , Communication Channel/Media , Modem , Components Of  LAN  , Types Of Internet Connections , Internet& Its Advantages , Internet Services , WWW & Common Technologies of Internet

Dos/Windows XP


  • Disk Operating System(Dos) , Introduction , History & Versions Of Dos , Basic–Physical Structure Of Disk, Drive Name , Fat , File &Directory Structure And Naming Rules , Booting Process , Dos , System Files , Dos Commands Internal & External Dir,Md,Cd,Rd,Copy,Del,Ren,Vol,Date,Time,Cls,Path,Type Etc. ,   Chkdsk,Xcopy,Print,Diskcopy,Diskcomp,Doskey,Tree,Move,Label,Append,Format,Sort,Fdisk,Backup,Edit,Move.

Windows XP

  • Introduction To Window XP And Its Features , Hardware Requirements Of Windows , Window Structure,Desktop,Taskbar,Start Menu , Working ,With Recycle Bin –Restoring  A Delete File ,Emptying The Recycle Bin , Managing Files, Folders And Disk Navigating Between Folders ,Manipulating Files And Folders ,Creating New Folder ,Searching Files And Folder My Computer Exploring Hard Disk ,Copying And Moving Files And Folder from One Drive To Another Formatting Floppy Drive ,Windows Accessories-Calculator ,Notepad ,Paint, Wordpad ,Character Map,Paint

Application Package (MS Office)

 Office package

  • Word processor Software , Spreadsheet software , Presentation software , Database Management software

MS Word

  • Introduction to Ms Office , Introduction to Ms Word , How to Start , Components of Ms Word , File Menu , Edit Menu , View Menu , Insert Menu , Format Menu , Tools Menu , Table Menu , Window Menu , Help Menu

MS Excel

  • Introduction to MsExcel , Calculations , Formula , Functions , Insert Row/Columns , Create Chart , Format Sheet

Tools Menu

  • Goal Seek , Scenario , Auditing

Data Menu

  • Sort , Filter , Advance Filter , Sub total , Forms , Validations , Table , Consolidate , Pivot table , Window , Help

MS Power Point

  • Introduction , Insert New Slide , Format Slide , Slide Show




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