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Certificate in Web Multimedia

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Certificate in Web Multimedia

ALMA offers many job oriented computer courses.”Certificate in Web Multimedia” is one of the ALMA approved course.The detailed contents of this course is in the attachment.



DURATION : 3 Months


Multimedia Essentials

Multimedia Needs and  area of use, Development platform for multimediaTest :- Concept of plain & formatted text , RTF &  HTML text using  common text preparation tools , conversion  to and form of various text formats using standard software object linking embedded concept , Basic of font design overview of some fonts editing and designing tools , understanding & using various text effectsIntroduction to  Sounds and Animation and VideoIntroduction to Multimedia Softwares

CorelDraw , Adobe Photoshop


Introduction to corel draw , Toolbars , Components of Corel draw

What is New in edit Menu

  • Introduction to corel draw , Duplicate , Clone

View menu

  • Full screen Preview , Grid and ruler setup

Layout Menu

  • Insert page , Delete page , Switching page Orientation , Page setup

Arrange menu

  • Introduction , Transformation , Order , Behind , Group , Shaping

Effects Menu

Adjust , Transform , Artistic Media , Contour , Extrude

Bitmap Menu

  • convert  to bitmap , Mode , 3d Effect

Art Strokes

  • Charcol , Pastels , Pen & ink , Scrap oared , Sketchpad , Watercolor , Blur , Smooth , Color transform , Halftone

Art Stockes

  • Edge Detect , Find edge


  • Crafts , Glass black , Sample glass


  • Blocks , swirl


  • Add Noice

Text menu

  • Edit text , Fit text to path

Tools & windows


Introduction to Photoshop , About wark area , Toolbox overview

File menu  

  • What is new in file 

Edit menu

  • What is s new in file , Transform & Patten

Image menu

  • Mode , Rotate image

Layer menu

  • New layer , Layer styles , New fill layer , Add layer mask

Select menu

  • Inverse , Feather , Modify , Grow

Filter menu

  • Extract , Artistic , Blur , Brush stroke , Distort , Pixel ate , Render , Sharpen , Sketch

GIF Animator

 Introduction To GIF animator Softwares

  • Falco GIF Animator Software , Easy GIF Animator Software , Coffee Cup GIF Animator

Adobe Illustrator

 Graphics Overview

  • Raster graphics , Vector graphics , Printing graphics 

Creating new drawings & opening old ones

Page set up

  •  Rulers, grids and guidelines , Smart Guides , Smart guide preferences , One last guide to set 

Selecting an object 


Viewing your work

  • Document info , Annotating an object 

Illustrator's Design Tools

  •  Grid , Artboard/Workspace

Bounding Box 

Setting preferences/customizing

  •  Keyboard Shortcuts 

Saving your work

Exporting your work as a bitmap 

Adobe Bridge 

Special Focus Lecture

  • Navigation or "Where the heck did that drawing go?"  , Offsetting an object 



  •  Default toolbar

Let's Play

  • Drawing, selecting/deselecting, moving objects & manipulating object center points , Shapes , Drawing lines, curves, arcs 

Pen Tool Paths

  • Straight segments , Smooth points , Non-continuous curve 

Working with Anchor Points

  •  Adjusting as you draw 

Setting Line Measurements & Validating for Errors

  • Setting line measurements , Attributes Palette 

Manipulating lines - Direct Select Tool 

Manipulating lines - Width Tool 

Filling & outlining 

The Pencil Tool Set  

  • Pencil Tool , Smooth Tool , Erase Tool 

The Brush Tool

  • Brush options , Brush types - art, calligraphic, pattern, scatter, blob bristle Working with symbol libraries 

Undo the deed

  • Get me outta this!

Special Focus Lectures  

  • Pen Tool , Symbols 

Macromedia Flash

 Introduction , logging onto server , basic Macintosh skills , Working in Flash , Drawing with Flash , Basic animation , Working in the timeline , Working with symbols Shape tween staggering animation effect , Animation ReviewBreak apart and distribute Intro to Motion Guide , Motion Guide Paths , Mask layers , Button Intro , Intro to scripting , Setting up your , projectPublishing movies , Working with custom colors and gradients , Setting up scenes for first project , buttons and action scripting for project , Animated Buttons

Dreamweaver , Fireworks

Internet Access and HTML , Internet Access and HTML , Planning Web Sites , The Dreamweaver Environment , Viewing and Managing HTML Code , Creating a Web Site , Defining a Web Site , Creating a Basic Web Page and Page Properties , Building a Web Site , The Site Panel and Templates , Adding Content to Web Pages , List Formats and Graphic File Types , Inserting a Table and Adjusting Table Properties , Using Graphics in Table Cells and Nested Tables , Using Table Layout View , Creating and Using a Repeating Region Template , Working with Links , Creating Internal and External Hyperlinks , Creating an Image Map and Anchors , Enhancing Navigation in a Site , Framesets , Reusable Navigation Bars , Managing and Uploading a Web Site , The Site Map 

Introduction to SCALA

Scala Introduction , Scala Overview  , Scala Classes , Scala Singleton + Companion Objects , Scala Applications , Scala Variables - var + val  , Scala Data Types (Int, String etc.) , Scala Arrays , Scala if , Scala while , Scala for , Scala Exceptions + try catch finally , Scala Match , Compiling Scala with Ant

Multimedia in Web Application

Webpage Technologies

Communication and network concepts

  • Evolution of Networking: ARPANET, Internet, Interspace , Different ways of sending data across the network with reference to switching techniques; Data Communication terminologies: Concept of Channel , Baud , Bandwidth (Hz , KHz , MHz) and Data transfer rate (bps , kbps , Mbps , Gbps , Tbps)

Network devices

  • Modem, RJ45 connector, Ethernet Card, Hub, Switch, Gateway


  • TCP/IP, File Transfer Protocol (FTP) , PPP , Level-Remote Login (Telnet) , Internet , Wireless/Mobile Communication , GSM , CDMA , WLL , 3G , SMS , MMS , Voice mail , ApplicationElectronic Mail , Chat , Video Conferencing.


  • Linux , Mozilla web browser , Apache server , MySQL , PHP

Multimedia Application

  • Education ( use of CAI tool ) , Entertainment , Edutainment , Virtual Reality , Digital Libraries , Information Kiosks , Video on Demand , Web Pages Video phone , Video conferencing and Health care.

Introduction to Java Script/VB Script

Java Script

  • Introduction to java script , Event in java script , Script element , Functions in java script , variables , Operators , Comment Indicator , Conditional branching Statement , The switch Statement , Loops , Arrays , System defined function , Catching Errors , Cookies , Event handles , Object  Hierarchy model

VB Script

  • Introduction to VB Script , Variables , Operators , Conditional branching statement ,Conversion functions , Predefined functions , String handling functions , Data type functions , Date Function



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