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Certificate in Computer Financial Accounting

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Certificate in Computer Financial Accounting

ALMA offers many job oriented computer courses.”Certificate in Computer Financial Accounting” is one of the ALMA approved course.The detailed contents of this course is in the attachment.



DURATION : 4 Months


Computer Awareness & Fundamentals

  • Introduction To Computers , Types Of Computer , History Of Computer , Generation Of Computer , PC & Its Components , Disk Defragmentor , Categories Of PC , Evolution Of Micro Processors , Registers Of Micro Processors , Basic Components Of Computer System , Input Output& Storage Units , Software , Types Of Software , Types Of Operating System , Categories Of OS , Example Of Utility Program , Programming Languages , Generations Of Programming Language , Application Software , User &Example Of Application Software , Viruses , Types Of Virus , Virus Detection & Prevention , Communication Process , Communication Protocols , Communication Channel/Media , Modem , Components Of  LAN  , Types Of Internet Connections , Internet& Its Advantages , Internet Services , WWW & Common Technologies of Internet , Management Information System , Characteristics Of MIS , Advantages  And Disadvantages Of MIS , Computer Application In Business , Computer Application In Project Management , Work Environment , Information System For Accounting , Cost Finding , Cost & Profit  Analysis , Computer Application In Material Management , Computer Application In Insurance Banking And Stock Brocking

Windows OS Introduction

Windows XP

  • Introduction To Window XP And Its Features , Hardware Requirements Of Windows , Window Structure,Desktop,Taskbar,Start Menu , Working ,With Recycle Bin –Restoring  A Delete File ,Emptying The Recycle Bin , Managing Files, Folders And Disk Navigating Between Folders ,Manipulating Files And Folders ,Creating New Folder ,Searching Files And Folder My Computer Exploring Hard Disk ,Copying And Moving Files And Folder from One Drive To Another Formatting Floppy Drive ,Windows Accessories-Calculator ,Notepad ,Paint, Wordpad ,Character Map,Paint 

Windows Fundamental

  • Windows is an operating system , XP Home Addition , XP Professional Addition , Active desktop , Multi user account  , Data protection features , Playing MP3 Sound and XP , Windows desktop fundamental , Desktop , Taskbar , Icons , My computer , My Document , Recycle bin , Folder

MS Excel

MS Excel

  • Introduction to MsExcel , Calculations , Formula , Functions , Insert Row/Columns , Create Chart , Format SheetTools Menu :-- Goal Seek , Scenario , AuditingData Menu :-- Sort , Filter , Advance Filter , Sub total , Forms , Validations , Table , Consolidate , Pivot table , Window , Help

Basics Of Accounting (Computerized & Manual)

 Background of accounting and accountancy: knowledge and understanding of GAAP ,  accounts - types and classification , basic terms used in accounting , Accounting Standards and Accounting Equation.

Journal and Ledger

  • Journal: recording of entries in journal with narration , Ledger: posting from journal to respective ledgers.

Cash Book and Bank Reconciliation Statement

  • Cash book (including petty cash book): single column , double column , triple column , Bank reconciliation statement. 

Trial Balance , Rectification , Capital and Revenue Expenditure and Income

  • Trial balance , Errors and types of errors: errors of omission , errors of commission , errors of principles , compensating errors , Capital and revenue expenditure/income. 

Depreciation, Provisions and Reserves

  • Depreciation , Methods of charging depreciation (straight line and WDV method) , Application of depreciation with the above mentioned methods: problems with purchase and sale of assets. Change in method(Retrospective method as per AS - 6) , Provisions and Reserves.

Final Accounts and Manufacturing Accounts

  • Concept of Manufacturing, Trading, Profit and Loss account and Balance Sheet (with and without adjustments), Marshalling of Balance Sheet , Concept of Manufacturing Accounts , Meaning and preparation of Manufacturing, Trading, Profit and Loss account and Balance Sheet of sole tradership. (Horizontal format) –without adjustments , Preparation of Trading Account, Profit and Loss Account and Balance Sheet with necessary adjustments , Marshalling of a Balance Sheet: Order of liquidity and Order of permanence

Single Entry - Accounts from incomplete records

  • Single entry and difference with double entry , Ascertainment of profit/loss by statement of affairs method including application.

Non Trading Organisation

  • Non trading organization: meaning, objectives, necessity and treatment of specific items , Different books maintained and differences between them , Application of non-trading exercises involving: preparation of Receipts and Payments Account; Income and Expenditure Account and Opening and Closing Balance

Introduction To Manual Accounting

  • What is Accountancy , Terminology Of Accountancy

 Types Of Accounts

  • Personal  A/c , Real A/c , Nominal A/c , Rules Of A/c , Journal Entries , Cash Book , Ledgers

Computer Concept of Accounting

 Introduction To Tally Software

Financial Accounting Package

 Computerized Accounting With Tally

  • Tally Fundamentals , Basic & Advanced Accounting , Accounting fundamentals , Types of Accounts and their rules , Company Create Alter and Delete , Types of Accounting Vouchers , Cost Centers , Inventory features , Types of Inventory Vouchers , Statutory Accounting , Price Levels , Voucher classes , Multi Currency , TDS , VAT , Payroll system , Job Costing , ODBC , Import and Export Tally Data

Internet & E-mail Services

Introduction to HTML

  • Introduction to html , HTML element and tags , Evolution of HTML , Creating HTML document , Body element , Block formatting element , Heading element , Marquee element , Paragraph element , List element , Anchor element , Graphics element , Table element , Form element , Frame element 

Java Script

  • Introduction to java script , Event in java script , Script element , Functions in java script , variables , Operators , Comment Indicator , Conditional branching Statement , The switch Statement , Loops , Arrays , System defined function , Catching Errors , Cookies , Event handles , Object  Hierarchy model

VB Script

  • Introduction to VB Script , Variables , Operators , Conditional branching statement ,Conversion functions , Predefined functions , String handling functions , Data type functions , Date Function

Dynamic HTML

  • DHTML  features , Event , DHTML property , Example of DHTML , Style Sheet , Cursor CSS properties , The inner HTML  property , The Div element , Text Positioning , Multi media effects

Macromedia Dream viewer



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