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Certificate in Mobile Repairing & Maintenance

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Certificate in Mobile Repairing & Maintenance

ALMA offers many job oriented computer courses.”Certificate in Mobile Repairing & Maintenance” is one of the ALMA approved course.The detailed contents of this course is in the attachment.



DURATION : 6 Months


  • Basics of Mobile Communication , Use of tools & instruments used in mobile phone repairing , Details of various components used in mobile phones , Basic parts of mobile phones (mic, speaker, buzzer, LCD, antenna, etc) , Use of multimeter , Use of battery booster , Basic Circuit Board / Motherboard Introduction , Assembling & disassembling of different types of mobile phones , Soldering & desoldering components using different soldering tools , Names of different ICs , Work of different ICs , Working on SMD / BGA ICs and the PCB , Fault finding & troubleshooting , Jumpering techniques and solutions , Troubleshooting through circuit diagrams , Repairing procedure for fixing different hardware and advanced faults


  • Flashing , Formatting , Unlocking , Use of secret codes , Downloading




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