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Certificate in VB- Oracle Or VB-SQL

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Certificate in VB- Oracle Or VB-SQL

ALMA offers many job oriented computer courses.”Certificate in VB-Oracle or VB-SQL” is one of the ALMA approved course.The detailed contents of this course is in the attachment.



DURATION : 6 Months


Introductions to Computer Fundamentals

  • Introduction To Computers , Types Of Computer , History Of Computer , Generation Of Computer , PC & Its Components , Disk Defragmentor , Categories Of PC , Evolution Of Micro Processors , Registers Of Micro Processors , Basic Components Of Computer System , Input Output& Storage Units , Software , Types Of Software , Types Of Operating System , Categories Of OS , Example Of Utility Program , Programming Languages , Generations Of Programming Language , Application Software , User &Example Of Application Software , Viruses , Types Of Virus , Virus Detection & Prevention , Communication Process , Communication Protocols , Communication Channel/Media , Modem , Components Of  LAN  , Types Of Internet Connections , Internet& Its Advantages , Internet Services , WWW & Common Technologies of Internet , Management Information System , Characteristics Of MIS , Advantages  And Disadvantages Of MIS , Computer Application In Business , Computer Application In Project Management , Work Environment , Information System For Accounting , Cost Finding , Cost & Profit  Analysis , Computer Application In Material Management , Computer Application In Insurance Banking And Stock Brocking

Introduction & Concepts of Visual Basic

  • Computer  programming , Introduction to Programming languages , Low level languages , Assembly language , Machine languages , Language Processors

Introduction to Visual Basic

  • Introduction to programming , Advantages& Disadvantages , Features , Edition

Building a VB Application

  • Project , Forms , Controls , Properties , Event procedures , Modules , VB Operate Modes , Setting Properties , Writing codes


  • VB standard controls

Data types

  • Types declaration character , Variables , Variable declaration , Default  variant , Implicit , Explicit , Procedure level , Form level , Global level

Message Box

Operator in Visual basic

  • Introduction  to operator , Arithmetic operator , Relational operator , Logical operator

Conditional branching

  • The if statement  & select statement , Simple if statement , If else statement , Nested if statement , If else ladder , The select statement

Special Events

  • Change event , Key down , Key press , Lost focus

System built in Function

  • Data type functions , Math’s functions , String function , Conversion function , Date function  , Input box function


  • For loops , For each loops , While loops , Do while loops , With ….end  with

Procedure & Modules

  • Introduction to procedure & function , Sub procedure , Function procedure , Property procedure , Let method , Get method , Set method , Modules

Menu editor

  • Introduction to menu editor , document interface , MDI form , Popup menus

Special  controls

  • Toolbar control , Status bar , Calendar control , Date picker , Ms tabbed dialog control

Error in Debugging

  • Introduction to errors , Kinds of errors , Debugging , Handling run time error

Common Dialog Controls

  • Introduction to common  dialog control , Open dialog control , Save dialog control , Font dialog control , Print dialog control

File System Object Component

Visual basic and data base

  • Introduction to data base , Data control , Database engine , ADO data control , Data control properties , Data bound control , ADO data control methods

Programming  with ADO

  • Connection object , Command object , Recordset object , Cursor type , ADO library

ADO Data Environment

Ms Hierarchical flex grid control

Data Report

  • Introduction to data report , Report section , Other report section

Component Basic

  • Introduction to com , Active X  EXE , Active X DLL , Active  X Control , Check the control , Creating active XDDL , Creating active X control , Package & Development Wizard

Introduction & Concepts of Oracle or SQL

Oracle Product details, Different data base model, RDBMS  components –Kernel , Data dictionary ,client /server  computing and oracle ,Overview of oracle architecture –oracle files ,system and user  process ,Oracle memory ,system data base object, protecting data.Oracle data type ,working with tables .data Constraints ,column level &table level constraints ,defining different constraints on the table defining integrity constraints  in the ALTER TABLE command ,Select Command ,logical operator ,Range Searching ,Pattern Matching ,Oracle Function ,Grouping data from table in SQL ,Manipulation Data in SQL Joining Multiple Tables(Equi joins ),Joining a Table to self (Self joins), Sub queries Union ,intersect &Minus clause ,creating  view Renaming the column of a view ,granting permissions –updating ,Selection ,Destroying viewCreating index ,Creating and managing user ,PL/SQL,SQL&PL/SQL differences ,block structure ,variables ,constants ,datatype Assigning data type , assigning database values to variables, select ….. INTO,Using cursors.Error handling .Built –in exceptions, User defined exceptions ,The Raise-Application –Error procedure ,Oracle  transaction ,Locks Implicit and Explicit locking .procedures& function  -Concept, Creation ,Execution ,Advantages ,Syntax, Deletion .Triggers –Concept use ,How to apply data base triggers, type to triggers ,syntax, deleting . Function of oracle DBA. Create database ,Create table space ,import &Export ,Oracle backup recovery



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