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Certificate in VB.Net

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Certificate in VB.Net

ALMA offers many job oriented computer courses.”Certificate in VB.Net” is one of the ALMA approved course.The detailed contents of this course is in the attachment.



DURATION : 4 Months


Introduction To .NET Framework

  • What is .NET , Latest Features of VS.NET , Components of .NET , CLR , MSIL , JIT , Assemblies , Class Libraries , What is New in .NET , Shared IDE , Types of Projects , Winform IDE , Components of VS , Event Driven Programming , Introduction To VB.NET

Working With Forms

  • Projects , Win/Web Forms , Properties of Forms , Controls

Working With Data types

  • Data Type Range , Variables , MessageBox( )

Operators in VB.NET

  • Basic Arithmetic Operators , Advance Operators , Concatenation Operators , Assignment-III , Relational & Logical Operators , Decision Making & Branching , Assignment-IV , Select Case Statement , Different Events


  • For Loop , Do Loop , Do Until , For Each , Object Collection

Predefined Function

  • System Clock Functions , String Function , Conversion function

MDI(Multiple Document Interface)

  • Types of Interface , Menu strip , Context Menu , Toolbar& ToolStrip , Status strip , Progress bar , Tab Control

Common Dialog Controls

  • Open File Dialog , Save File Dialog , Color Dialog , Common Dialog Classes , Document Printing Dialog

File Handling

  • File Stream Class , Open a Text File

Advance Controls

  • List View Control , Tree View Control , Procedure & Modules

Object Oriented Programming

  • Procedural Language , Concept of OOPS , Class Libraries , Access Keywords , Inheritance , Overloading , Constructor , Destructor

Object Linking Embedded Database

  • OLE an Introduction , WIN32 API

Components Object Model

  • Com Technology and Advantage , Disadvantages

User Controls

  • Create User Controls , Register user Controls


  • Client Server Architecture , Difference Between Ado and ADO.NET , Data Access Components , Database Creation Using OLEDB , Data Sources , ADO & ADO.NET , ASO.NET Architecture , ADO.NET Components , ADO.Net Object Model , Access Data sing Server Explorer , .NET Data Providers , ADO.NET Provider Components , Data Readers , Bind Data into Grid , Data View

Crystal Report

  • Crystal Report Architecture , Data Access Technology , Crystal Report  Viewer , Push Model , Binding the Report  , Altering Font Colors 



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