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ASP- An Offshoot of Alma Group

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ASP- An Offshoot of Alma Group

 Alma Makes Training and Learning Opportunities Easily Accessible to Student at all levels.

Child education is a Prime Index of any country to pace with the mainstream of development. In the global state of affairs Computer Education is a live element to the overall growth of mankind in all walks of life. India being no exception is also pacing with similar mission. Now IT education is a buzz word among urban & rural areas of the country. To incite the National Mission, ALMA - a leading Organization puts its philanthropic efforts to educate children/students in IT through well-framed Alma School Project (ASP). ing international quality computer literacy and education including vocational computer trainings throughout the world.

With increasing awareness & demand among students for IT programs, the industry is presently undergoing transition, from being to A Few to All.  Realizing the wide gap in the availability of quality computer professionals to meet India's ambitious Leadership Plans in IT Services, the Alma has revolutionized computer knowledge dissemination, by offering its meticulously prepared curriculum. ALMA School Project has been designed to the key aspects correlating to the child psychology and learning process. This method of learning process through School Project would definitely be helpful to children in enhancing their natural caliber towards basic theme of computer education. A fact about the ALMA School Project, perhaps best echoed by the leading IT professionals and educationists, is the unique synchronization with the School Syllabus and Schedule.

Alma is envisioned to bring the most updated global industry, within the reach of more students in the areas of Information, Electronics and Communication Technology (IECT). ASPs are running across the country from remote tribal areas to metro cities where children are taught by well framed Modules from 3rd to 12th class. Computer literacy is the gate to information technology education for the children and Alma is pioneering such a mission to promote the cause of computer education and support the National Movement of the country. Alma has now emerged as one among the very best in the industry to synchronize Alma School Project.

Alma Makes Training and Learning Opportunities Easily Accessible to Student at all levels.

Let Your Child Student Avail the Opportunity to Manage the Future IT Challenges 



Our mission is to assist the School Children across the country


• Mission- Spread over computer education in the urban and rural areas at affordable fee
• Mission- Spread over the computer education in private & semi-government institutions/ schools
• Mission-Spread over the computer education through Gram Panchayat, Children Development and Women Development Committees
• Mission- Provide International exposure & experience to the students
• Mission- Provide material for computer education at affordable charges
• Mission- Provide free computer education to Under Privileged/ Handicapped students
• Mission- Honor & encourage the talented students with Scholarship/Award/ Certificate
• Mission-Organize awareness camps for computer literacy in the offices of government and semi government bodies
• Mission- Provide opportunity and counseling in the profession of information technology
• Mission- Provide updated Courses
• Mission- Evolve Healthy Competition among participants  


• Under the Mission the Project may be implemented to the Women Development Centre, Children Development Centre, Elder Educational Institutions, Private Institutions, Colleges, Semi-Government Schools, Private Schools and Trusts Committees.

• The prescribed  Registration Fee for  the student is as follows:

For 3rd to 8th   Class- Rs. 250 per annum/student
For 9th to 12th   Class- Rs.350 per annum/student

(The above amount is Inclusive of – Registration, Courseware, Examination and Certificate)
• The examination will be scheduled & informed to Alma by the Working Committee/Principal/ Centre Head of the concerned school.

• Class-wise Annual Syllabus & Identity Card will be provided by Alma to the students.

• Associated School/ Institutions and the concerned key persons will be honored by Alma

• The selected registered students will be provided with educational assistance

• The students belonging to scheduled castes & tribes will be provided additional assistance

Services to the schools

• Class wise Certification
• Free DCA Certification to the student* (5 yrs Continuity of ASP & Eligibility 10th Class)* 
• Question Paper Class wise
• Class wise Courseware (English Medium)
• Assistance to conduct ASP
• Guideline  to the faculty of school
• Free Membership Certificate

Benefits to the Student

Reinforcement of essential computer education for Career Development
Exposure & Access to global IT education
Computer Education Proficiency Award Certificate from Alma at each level- (Total 10 levels)
Free Additional Certificate- “Diploma in Computer Application (DCA)”
Opportunity to compete at National & International level in Competition organized by Alma
 Life time Counseling & Opportunity guide in IT Sector
Each participant obtains an individual consultation
Subsidized Registration/ Course fees shall be applicable to the holder of any 3 Levels certificate of ASP, at all the Alma Learning Centre across the nation for Advance IT Courses

Alma Makes Training and Learning Opportunities Easily Accessible to Student at all level

Benefits to the School

Association with the international brand of the Alma
School will receive a free Membership Certificate
Synchronized Syllabus and Exam Schedule
All benefits to students are basically benefits of the school

Benefits to the Centre

Alma has a prescribed registration fee for the Alma School Project and the centre involved will be entitled for 15 % of the total collection of the registration fee from the school under ASP.

Terms and Conditions

Franchisee Fee

Institute/School - Franchisee Fee is Rs 15000 plus Service Tax for one year Authorization- ASP
Renewal Fee
Institute/School renewal of Authorization Rs 2000 /- Yearly payable

Registration Fee

Alma has a prescribed registration fee for the Alma School Project

For 3rd to 8th   Class- Rs. 250 per annum/student
For 9th to 12th   Class- Rs.350 per annum/student
School will collected the Fee & pay this amount by DD in favor of “Alma Information Technology (I) Ngo” OR “Alma Ltd”. Payable at Indore/New Delhi


Registered and Examination qualified students shall be awarded Proficiency Certificate from Alma


Synchronized Syllabus and Exam Schedule, in consultation with the concerned School, shall be implemented for the students of the school. Refer the prescribed syllabus of Alma School Project.
School shall make the arrangement of computers & class instructors for the declared syllabus of the school Project 
Charges from School
No extra/hidden charges are applicable to the School.
Only the prescribed Registration Fee of the students is to be deposited to Alma before the commencement of ASP. 

Registration & Examination

Only Registered student is eligible to participate in the Alma School Project exam.
Centre for the examination shall be arranged by the concerned school management. 
Minimum Registrations
Minimum 100 students per session are required to commence the Alma School Project 

Colorful Activities of ASP

Alma School Project (ASP) is also widely known for its cultural & educational activities round the year. ASP organizes various activities including Scholarship Programs, Educational Workshops; Seminars and Expertise Meet on various subjects apart from regular class room activities, ASP religiously organize an annual National Excellence Award Ceremony to motivate young citizens of the Nation. In this award ceremony, ASP invites its entire members and experts from Academics, Higher Education, Scientist and Scholars of IT Technology, Computer Education and others.

ASP awards all those who perform in their respective field of education at National and International level. In this award selection, ASP has an Experts Selection Committee that assesses the performances & contributions of Faculties, Students, School Project Heads, Coordinators of ASP, School Principals  and people related directly and indirectly with the very cause of computer Education and Training in rural areas of the Nation.

ASP award ceremony is a Big National Event of its repute that is witnessed by National and International personalities of Education, Politics and Inspiring Celebrities being Icon among Youths of Today. ASP is committed to pursue the Purposeful National Movement throughout the Nation and initiate appreciation, award and honor to all those working in social and cultural sphere of educational promotion and especially in the field of computer education.

Various activities of ASP have witnessed media attention across the country and appreciation of people and students in general and schools in particular.


Alma has more than 50 computers and IT courses ranging from Indian & International Certificate, Diploma, Master Diploma, and PG Diploma. Apart from this, Alma offers many vocational courses and other job oriented courses with advanced technological content that help develop interest among youth to get fully involved for getting employment.

All training material conforms to the latest standard requirements. Courses are developed in close association with the experts from the industry & educational fields.
Courses are suitable for corporate use in training departments as well as for self-study at home or in the office.
A complete range of Hardware, Software, Web Designing, Web Technology, Programming Language, and Multimedia Courses are approved and offered to students for advance learning through well requisite contents. Alma School Project and e-sakshar Courses are made to inspire students, kids and laymen for IT education.

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