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Class V

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Introduction to Computer :-- Definition of computer, Benefits of computer

Computer Memory :-- Types of Memory : RAM, ROM

Hardware Device :-- Input Device : Keyboard, Mouse, Scanner, Digital Camera

Output Device :-- Monitor, Printer, Touch Screen

Storage Device :-- Internal Storage Device : RAM, ROM

External Storage Device : Hard Disk, Floppy Disk, CD Rom, Pen Drive

Binary Number System :-- Introduction to Binary Number System : Binary digit, Decimal digit, Hexadecimal, Conversion to all number system

 DOS Internal & External Command :-- Introduction to DOS

 Internal Command : MD, CD, CLS, DIR, COPY, DEL, RD


Create Folder and Files :-- Folder Create using Windows Explorer, Create File using Ms Word, Check Spelling and Grammar using Word

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Never quit – there's always a silver lining

  It is often said that “every adversity has within it the seeds of an equivalent or greater benefit.” Whenever you are faced with a setback ask yourself what you could do to turn it around. Better still; ask yourself how you can benefit from the setback. It may sound ridiculous, but you can benefit from a setback if you change your perspective. You will realise that there is nothing so bad you cannot use it for some good and that there is no situation that is totally hopeless.  As Dr. Moses say “I have had many times when I have ... Read More

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