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Class IV

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Parts of Computer :-- Keyboard, Mouse, CPU, Monitor

Input /Output Device :-- Keyboard, Mouse, Scanner, Printer

History Of Computer (Generations) :-- 1st Generation, 2nd Generation, 3rd Generation, 4th Generation, 5th Generation

Introduction to Operating System :-- DOS : Introduction to DOS, CUI, Internal Commands (MD, CD, Copy Con)

Windows XP : Components of Windows XP

Paint Brush :-- Introduction to Drawing Tools, How to Draw an object, Save Drawing, Edit Colors, Save Object as a Wallpaper

 Word Pad :-- Introduction to Word pad, Components of Word pad, Saving Files, Printing, Editing using Cut Copy Paste, Apply Formatting to selected matter

Notepad :-- Introduction, Saving File, Editing, Printing

Calculator :-- How to use Calculator, Using  standard, Using scientific

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