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Certificate in Data Structure

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AIITA offers many job oriented computer courses.”Certificate in Data Structure” is one of the AIITA approved course.The detailed contents of this course is in the attachment.

DURATION : 2 Months



  • Basic Terminology , Elementary Data Organization , Data Structure operations  , Algorithm Complexity and Time-Space trade-off


  • Array Definition , Representation and Analysis , Single and Multidimensional Arrays , address calculation , application of arrays , Character String in C , Character string operation ,  Array as Parameters , Ordered List , Sparse Matrices , and Vectors.


  • Array Representation and Implementation of stack , Operations on Stacks : Push & Pop , Array Representation of Stack , Linked Representation of Stack , Operations Associated with Stacks , Application of stack : Conversion of Infix to Prefix and Postfix Expressions , Evaluation of postfix expression using stack.


  • Recursive definition and processes , recursion in C , example of recursion , Tower of Hanoi Problem , simulating recursion.Backtracking , recursive algorithms , principles of recursion , tail recursion , removal of recursion.


  • Array and linked representation and implementation of queues , Operations on Queue : Create , Add , Delete , Full and Empty.Circular queue , Deque , and Priority Queue.

Linked list

  • Representation and Implementation of Singly Linked Lists , Two-way Header List , Traversing and Searching of Linked List , Overflow and Underflow , Insertion and deletion to/from Linked Lists , Insertion and deletion Algorithms , Doubly linked list , Linked List in Array , Polynomial representation and addition , Generalized linked list , Garbage Collection and Compaction.


  • Basic terminology , Binary Trees , Binary tree representation , algebraic Expressions , Complete Binary Tree.Extended Binary Trees , Array and Linked Representation of Binary trees , Traversing Binary trees , Threaded Binary trees.Traversing Threaded Binary trees , Huffman algorithm.

Searching and Hashing

  • Sequential search , binary search , comparison and analysis , Hash Table , Hash Functions , Collision Resolution Strategies , Hash Table Implementation.


  • Insertion Sort , Bubble Sorting , Quick Sort , Two Way Merge Sort , Heap Sort , Sorting on Different Keys , Practical consideration for Internal Sorting.

Binary Search Trees

  • Binary Search Tree (BST) , Insertion and Deletion in BST , Complexity of Search Algorithm , Path Length , AVL Trees , B-trees.


  • Terminology & Representations , Graphs & Multi-graphs , Directed Graphs , Sequential Representations of Graphs , Adjacency Matrices , Traversal , Connected Component and Spanning Trees , Minimum Cost Spanning Trees.

File Structures

  • Physical Storage Media File Organization , Organization of records into Blocks , Sequential Files , Indexing and Hashing , Primary indices , Secondary indices , B+ Tree index Files , B Tree index Files , Indexing and Hashing Comparisons.



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