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Certificate in Visual Basic

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AIITA offers many job oriented computer courses.”Certificate in Visual Basic” is one of the AIITA approved course.The detailed contents of this course is in the attachment.

DURATION : 2 Months


Computer  Programming 

  • Introduction To Programming , Types Of Programming Languages: Low Level Languages , Assembly Languages , Machine Languages , Language  Possessors

Introduction To Visual Basic 

  • Introduction To Programming , Advantages & disadvantages , Features , Edition 

Building a VB Application 

  • Project , Forms , Controls , Properties , Event Procedures , Modules , VB Operate Modes , Setting Properties , Writing Codes


  • VB Standard controls

Data Types 

  • Type Declaration Character , Variables: Variable declaration , Default Variant , Implicit , Explicit , Procedure Level , Form Level , Global Level

Message Box

Operator in Visual Basic 

  • Introduction To Operators: Arithmetic Operators , Relational Operators , Logical Operators

Conditional Branching 

  • The If Statement & Select Statement: Simple If Statement , If Else Statement , Nested If Statement , If Else ladder , The Select Statement

Special Events 

  • Change Event , Key Down , Key Down , Key Press , Lost Focus

System Built in Functions 

  • Introduction To Built in functions , Data Type Functions , Maths Functions , String Functions , Conversion Functions , Date Functions , Input Box Functions 


  • For Loop: For Each Control , While Loop , Do Loop , With…. End With

Procedure & Modules 

  • Introduction To Procedure & functions , Sub Procedures , Function Procedures , Property Procedures: Let Method , Get Method , Set Method Modules

Menu Editor 

  • Introduction To Menu Editor , Document Interface , MDI Form , Popup Menus

Special Controls 

  • ToolBar Control , Status Bar , Calendar Control , DatePicker , Ms Tabbed Dialog Control

Error and Debugging 

  • Introduction To Errors , Kinds Of Errors , Debugging , Handling Run Time Error

Common Dialog Controls 

  • Introduction To Common Dialog Controls , Open Dialog Control , Save Dialog Control , Font Dialog Control , Print Dialog Control

File System Object Component

Visual Basic and Database 

  • Introduction To Database , Data Control , Database Engine , ADO Data Control , Data Control Properties , Data Bound Control , ADO Data Control Methods

Programming With ADO 

  • Connection Object , Command Object , Recordset Object , Cursor Type , ADO Library 2.1, ADO Data Environment, Ms Hierarchical Flex Grid Control

Data Report

  • Introduction To Data Report , Report Sections , Other Report Control

Component Basic

  • Introduction to Com , Active X EXE , Active X DLL , ActiveX Control , Creating ActiveX DLL , Creating  Active X Control , Check the Control Package & Deployment Wizard

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