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International Professional Certificate In Web Design & Web Development

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International Professional Certificate In Web Design & Web Development

In this course we have chosen the best combination of Web development tools and scripting languages that are used by most Web Developers and Web Designers. We consider the set of modules offered in this program to be the foundation for the profession of Web Designer/Developer. However, each module could be taken separately or combined into the customized program.



Duration : 1 Year

To provide students with a level of knowledge and skills appropriate to the web development. The most important and outstanding feature of this course is the last module, the E-Commerce Project. In this part of the course, students will learn to apply their new skills by developing a multi-faceted Web storefront from the ground up. This includes database creation and management, and ability to sell the services or products utilizing secure credit card transactions over the Internet.

It is recommended that all students have basic familiarity with the Internet, in addition to experience using Windows - based personal computers.

Web Design (Authoring) Modules
Introduction to the Internet Architecture
Html/ Xhtml for Advanced Web Design
Adobe Dreamweaver 
Advanced Web Design and Styles
Cascading Styles Sheets (Css)
Graphic Design with Adobe Photoshop
Graphic Design with Adobe Flash 8.0 Pro
Web Marketing Technique

Web Development Modules
Introduction to Web Scripting Technique
Visual Basic Script
Introduction to Xml
Introduction to Relational Database
Active Server Page (ASP)

E-Commerce Modules
Web Publishing to the Internet Servers
Introduction to E-Commerce Security
Introduction to E-Commerce Development
E-Commerce Project

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