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International Certificate In Animation & Multimedia

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International Certificate In Animation & Multimedia

PROGRAMME OBJECTIVE Use and development of multimedia - combining text, graphics, sound, still and video images and animation into a unified, seamless document, Examines the nature of the various media, the capture or creation, digitalization and modification of each media type, the architecture and technology of multimedia systems, the principles behind effective multimedia presentations, analysis and design of GUI systems and multimedia development through the use of common software packages.



Duration : 6 Months

The student will review the basics of the following
1. Learn about the nature of text, image, audio, video, graphic and animation files. 
2. Learn about capturing the various media. 
3 Learn about creating, editing and storing the various media. 
4. Learn about digitization and compression and the role they play in multimedia. 
5. Learn about authoring tools for packaging multimedia systems. 
6. Learn about web-based multimedia and the special problems involved in delivering media over the WWW. 
7. Learn about effective graphical user interfaces. 
8. Learn to use a variety of common software packages to complete the above objectives.

Basics of Information Technology & Multimedia : Computer basics ,Internet, Basic Art & Drawing Skills ,Desktop Publishing ,Basics of Designing, Digital Graphics Design ,Basics of Digital Art Photography ,Basics of Print, Radio & TV Advertisement , Basic Concepts of Animation. 

Corel Draw
3ds Max, Image Editing & Visual Effects
Work on Project

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