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I.T Certification

International Professional Certificate In Web Design & Web Development

In this course we have chosen the best combination of Web development tools and scripting languages that are used by most Web Developers and Web Designers. We consider the set of modules offered in this program to be the foundation for the profession of Web Designer/Developer. However, each module could be taken separately or combined into the customized program. ... Read More

International Professional Certificate In Hardware, Network & Security

This comprehensive course helps you master PC operation, preventive maintenance, and system optimization. Extensive Hands-On labs provide the level of knowledge you need to install, configure, upgrade, maintain, and troubleshoot any combination of PC-compatible system hardware and software. Students will learn basic system administration skills for desktop operating systems. ... Read More

International Certification in Ethical Hacker & Server Administratorv

            Duration : 1 Year Server Administrator Configuring Server Storage and Clusters Installing and Configuring Terminal Services Configuring and ... Read More

International Certified Printer Engineer

Duration : 1 Year Introducing Printer Technology of Impact and Non Impact Printer Basic working ... Read More

IIML Certified Wireless Network Administrator

Duration : 1 Year What is Wireless LAN? What are the Benefits? Office and Home Wireless LAN ... Read More

IT Excellence Award and Certification

International Certifications- IT Courses for ICAL ... Read More

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Director's Desk

Uncertainty is the Only Correct Way to Think?

Many people have a false notion of reasoning that suggests if something is uncertain, they are free to believe what they want. While you're always free to believe anything, including falsehoods, that doesn't mean they are justified.  As Scott H Young says that my claim is that uncertainties, which are weighted appropriately, are the only justifiable beliefs to have. For many things in life, the uncertainty is so small we can ignore it. We don't regularly consider the possibility that gravity will cease to function and they'll float into space because the doubt is miniscule. But just because we can ... Read More