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International Certification in Corporate Law

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International Certification in Corporate Law

Objective:-This course has been designed from an Indian perspective to explain the core concepts of business laws in a logical, concise, and illustrative manner. aspects of business.

PART I: Indian Contract Act 1872
 1. Establishing the Contract
 2. Offer and Acceptance
 3. Consideration
 4. Competency of Parties
 5. Free Consent
 6. Legality of Object
 7. Void Agreements
 8. Contingent Contracts
 9. Performance and Discharge of Contracts
10. Remedies for Breach of Contract
11. Indemnity and Guarantee
12. Bailment and Pledge
13. Agency

PART II: Sale of Goods Act 1930
14. Nature of Contract of Sale
15. Conditions & Warranties
16. Transfer of Ownership and Delivery
17. Rights of Unpaid sellers

* PART III: Indian Partnership Act 1932
18. Nature of Partnership
19. Formation of Partnership Firm
20. Rights, Duties, and Liabilities of Partners
21. Dissolution of Firm

* PART IV: Negotiable Instruments Act 1881
22. Nature of Negotiable Instruments
23. Parties to a Negotiable Instrument
24. Negotiation of Negotiable Instruments
25. Presentment of Negotiable Instruments
26. Dishonour of Negotiable Instruments
27. Miscellaneous Provisions

* PART V: Companies Act 1956
28. Nature and Kinds of Companies
29. Formation of a Company
30. Company Management
31. Company Meetings
32. Winding up of a Company

PART VI: Consumer Protection Act 1956
33. Consumer Protection Act

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