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International Certification in Operation Management

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International Certification in Operation Management

Objective: To cover the essential topics taught in a modern operations management course. Its includes contemporary and relevant service theory and applications. It will also explain cross-functional perspective, which views operations as linked to all other functional areas of an organization, such as marketing and finance.

PART I: Understanding Operations.
1. Introduction to Operations Management.
2. Value Chains in Global Operations.
3. Frameworks for Operations Measurement. 
4. Operations Strategy and Competitive Priorities. 

PART II: Designing Operating Systems.
5. Technology and Integrated Operating Systems.

6. Designing Goods and Services.
7. Designing Manufacturing and Service Processes.
8. Facility Design and Layout.
9. Supply Chain Design and Location.

PART III: Managing Operations.
10. Managing Capacity.
11. Forecasting Models and Analysis.
12. Inventory Models and Decisions.
13. Resource Planning for Goods and Services.
14. Scheduling Models and Applications.
15. Statistical Process Control.
16. Managing Quality and Six Sigma.
17. Lean Thinking and Just-in-Time Systems.
18. Managing Projects.

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