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IIML IT Education has really opened a new window of opportunities for those who desire for further studies. In a way it has helped numerous professionals, dropouts (school & college), housewives, etc to accomplish their unfinished dreams. It has immense relevance, particularly in a country like India.



Mauritius, a land of peace and tranquility, is also known for technological advancements in recent years.  Information Technology and its various associated branches are now in full swing to redefine the growth of economy.  The key driver of growth of IT in Mauritius has been the Government back up through NCB to promote computer education.

In present scenario of IT in Mauritius, International Informatics Mauritius Limited (IIML)is spreading its wings to promote the computer education through job-oriented computer certification to the youth of the country. The certificates hold a high international recognition and match the norms of international IT industries and their requirements.

We are proud to be associated with ALMA (India) to achieve the vision and mission of IIML in India.  It’s would be our endeavour to provide value added certification Courses in IT  to equip the participants to manage global challenges. an edge over others that escalate the potential among youth and their calibre.




International Informatics Mauritius Limited is one of the leading organizations that carved the niche in IT education sectors in Mauritius and is spreading its potential presence across the world to provide quality education through different job-oriented computer courses. IIML is recognised by the National Computer Board (NCB) of Mauritius.

To pave the way of technological developments along with changing technological scenario, IIML has been one of the best options for those who are trying to seek futuristic IT Education. IIML is spreading its root in Africa, Europe, Asia and Australia with its expertise in educational certification that would match the requirements of  IT industries and associated sectors. 

IIML, through its strategic tie ups with the dominant players of IT and IT education in various countries, provides an enthusiastic ambience to the youth towards Technological Advancement

The philosophy of IIML is to provide job-oriented certifications of computer education across the world with its expertise and matchless proficiency. The youth across the world would have, no doubt, efficiency to cope with challenges by changing technological scenario.  In India, IIML has tied up with leading educational organization – Alma Limited to provide such job-oriented certifications.

The International Certificate in Commercial Computing Applications programme is validated by NCB, Mauritius and awarded by International Informatics (Mauritius) Limited (IIML), Mauritius.

The course is specially designed for students who already hold (10+2) qualificationor its equivalence. It allows students to attain a more in-depth understanding in the areas of computing and information technology. Upon completion of this International Certificate in Commercial Computing Applications students will proceed on to theInternational Certificate in Commercial Computing Application & Programming.

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