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Do you have a winning attitude at work and in business?

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Are you just doing time or are you making your time count? Do you have a winning attitude at work and in business that will help you to perform well?

There is a saying that you either put everything you have into what you are doing or you don't do it at all. But looking around you gets the impression that this is not the case for many working class people today. “Doing time” has become the culture of our times. Doing the work and achieving results seems to be secondary. As Dr. Moses says, many times I have walked out of shops because of the unhelpful attitude of shop attendants and even owners of the shops. Sometimes this happened in spite of really wanting or needing something from them. It seems that when you ask for help their faces get all tight and they answer you with murmurs like you are really bothering them. But, really, why are you a shopkeeper if not to assist customers? Why do you run a shop if not to sell things by helping people find what they want? Why do you show up for work every day?

The attitude seems to be that people feel they are doing enough simply by being at work. What you do at work doesn't seem to matter, so long as you are there from eight to five you have earned you pay.


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