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ALMA Paces Ahead to Motivate Youth Empowerment through Education

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Life has also been said to be vital and that is why youth are called vibrant in their fruitful years.  There is no doubt that a nation is known by its youth as wealth that scripts of development, happiness and prosperity.  Our country is full of youth and we can proud of that we are having maximum percentage of youth in comparison to the rest of the world.  Youth could metaphorically be said a  living currency of any nation and ALMA has been pacing ahead to motivate youth empowerment through educational cause for last 16 years.  ALMA is one of the leading organizations at international scenario and that work in promoting job-oriented computer and Information Technology (IT) courses, cyber securities courses, digital literacy, play-school education and other domain of growth and prosperity.  ALMA has also been associated with many national and international organizations to spirit up its vision and mission of youth empowerment.  In 2017 ALMA envisages a new spirit of growth and development in education sector with initiating new domain to train youth generation with its members as a big family across the nation.  ALMA has also full of gratitude for co-ordination, co-operation and moral support of its members those motivate ALMA’s vision and mission to serve society through educational cause.  ALMA would also thankful to its entire centre heads, regional, zonal and state co-coordinators, well-wishers who also co-operated through their uniform in every aspect of mutual development. I would like to wish all of you Happy New Year 2017 to be full of happiness and prosperity.  Keep pacing ahead with vibrating and mesmeric spirit to serve the nation.

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