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The way you think is the way you act reflects your personality

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People with a growth mindset believe they can achieve more if they apply themselves — so they apply themselves more. It’s not that they are naturally predisposed to be more successful in life, it’s their mindset that drives them towards a more successful lifestyle.It’s not that somebody is a “born winner” or a “born loser”. Strong, confident personalities are developed through habits, actions, and choices.  Of course, your upbringing and environment play a large role in making this easier/harder but you are ultimately responsible for your own choices.

If you believe you are destined to be unlucky, broke, shy, stupid, or whatever, you will never attempt to change these things. I mean, if you are “destined” to be this way, you can’t change it. But if you believe that all of these things are temporary, that your personality is temporary that you can change through actions and choices then you will. Instead of crying “boo hoo, my life is hard”, you will say “fuck that shit” and find ways you can change your life.

Editor's Desk

Fundamental Success scripts being true to your word is easy

  Say you’re going to do something and then do it. If you make plans to meet your friend, don’t ditch him for some random date. Likewise, if you commit to go on a date with someone, don’t back out at the last minute for no good reason. If you don’t want to commit, don’t commit. If you’re not sure whether you can, check and see. If circumstances change and you have to adapt or postpone the arrangement, that’s fine too. If someone doesn’t want to make an appointment and then realize he’d rather chill instead. He doesn’t want to give ... Read More

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