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Examination Form


Franchisee Application Form- ALC

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Legal Documents

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PG Diploma Certificate_ Sample

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Master Diploma Certificate_ Sample

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Diploma Certificate_Sample

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Director's Desk

The way you think is the way you act reflects your personality

  People with a growth mindset believe they can achieve more if they apply themselves — so they apply themselves more. It’s not that they are naturally predisposed to be more successful in life, it’s their mindset that drives them towards a more successful lifestyle.It’s not that somebody is a “born winner” or a “born loser”. Strong, confident personalities are developed through habits, actions, and choices.  Of course, your upbringing and environment play a large role in making this easier/harder but you are ultimately responsible for your own choices. If you believe you are destined to be unlucky, broke, shy, stupid, or ... Read More