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Examination & Certification Procedure

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Once the admission forms and amount ( Ref. the course fee structure) is received, we shall send the enrollment numbers of the students (Hard copy/ Soft copy) to the ALC

  • The ALC is required to intimate Alma HQ at least 15 days prior to conduction the examination by mailing the Details of students and the exam applied
  • After receiving the details of students appearing for examination, Alma shall send ALC  the roll numbers of the students
  • In order to  obtain the certificates ,after successful completion of examination , ALC is required to fill in the statement sheet and mail the scanned copy and followed by    the hard copy of the same.
  • Once the statement sheet is received, Alma shall then issue the certificates of respective students and send them in 10 to 15 days.
  • Alma shall process the issuance of certificate and send them in 10 to 15 days  
  • To order extra supplies (books / brochure / loose forms etc) you are required to mail your request at support@alma.in .
  • All the materials except the start up kit would be chargeable.
  • Eventually, you will need support from Alma head office for various reasons, kindly contact the suitable department as per your requisition.

Examinations and Certification of the students will be controlled by the Administrative Office- Alma HO- India.

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