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Canadian Social Activist Aleta Releases Alma Times

Ms Aleta M. Macan congratulated Alma for promoting the cause of computer education and computer literacy among youth and students in the remote areas of the country that is indeed the need of the hour. On expressing his view Shri Abhay Praranjape spoke the significance of being computer litrate and utility of computer knowledge in cyber age.This is informed by the director Shri Santosh Shukla Advocate. ... Read More

Student Community gets benefited by ken of Cyber Crime

Shri Shukla further told that the seminar on Cyber Crime got positive response from student community as well as faculties. Alma got number of snaps and reports of conducting Cyber Crime seminar across the country. This series would be continued with new topics and advanced technologies that matter a lot in respect of academic scenario. ... Read More

Kalraj Mishra honours Talents of Society in Alma

In this occasion all guests honoured those who had been performing the best to serve the society in different walks of life. On addressing, Shri Mishra stressed the motivating spirit of honour and being honoured. He along all guests congratulated those being honoured with blessing. ... Read More

Agriculture Minister Kusmariya Releases Prospectus of Alma

The zeal and work of promoting computer education from remote tribal areas of country to cities of the states all cross the country by Alma has really been appreciative. Alma is trying nice to educate people of rural and farmers through computer literacy so, that they could be able to get more information of the policies of the state government by e-governance project. ... Read More

'Alma Kids' for excellent education launches in 2013

The main aim through 'Alma Kids' is to generate suitable ambience for kids in classroom with appropriate skills in teaching them. 'Alma Kids' would adopt international standards of teaching and psychological techniques to enhance kids in their national understanding and grooming. 'Alma Kids' is conceptualized by expert team of Alma group that included well known academicians and teachers of rich experience at Indian culture. ... Read More

LMS topic ignites student community all over

Alma Monthly Seminar Series and motive behind is to educate student community with current technologies. Alma has long been active to inspire student community in general and youth in particular for their career opportunities through promotion of computer education.Shri Shukla expressed gratitude to all centre heads and their faculties to co-oprate the ongoing series with oodles of oomph and verve. ... Read More

Alma Expands Activities in North-East

Alma has started expanding its activities in the North-East region and such activities would be done under the ablest guidance of Shilong center head Mrs Beryl E. Khyriem and Mr Shaiq. This is informed by the director of Alma Shri Santosh Shukla, Advocate.Shri Shukla told that Alma would create awareness to promote the cause of computer and IT education here. ... Read More

Govt. to set up 10 community colleges for skill development

Under the adult literacy programme of the HRD ministry, as many as 70 million people need to be literate and their capacity enhanced to enable them to acquire the skills required to perform jobs," the minister said at the fifth Global Skills Summit organised by Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI). Of the illiterate 70 million, 60 million are women who need education and skill training. ... Read More

Smt Ganatre Felicitates by Alma on Teacher’s Day

Educational psychology both draws from and contributes to cognitive science and the learning sciences.These views were expressed by Smt. Meena Ganatre on the occasion of Teacher’s day.Smt Ganatre was felicitated by Alma for her outstanding contributions to society in education field for last 38 years. The director of Alma Shri Santosh Shukla had bestowed her by Shawl and Shriphal during the this ceremony. She was honored by staff presenting bouquets. ... Read More

Alma ACE Infotech Chail, Shimla (H.P.) Observed I- Day

The program was presided over by Dr. Shivani Duggal, principal Venkateshwar Vidyapeeth, Distt solan. Sh. K.S.Duggal (CH) welcome the chife gest , Dr. Sundeep Sharma (MO-Chail) and Dr. Amit . The highlights of program were enlightened speeches by Ms. Priyanka and Ms. Diksha , which conveyed various facts regarding our Tricolor. ... Read More

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Uncertainty is the Only Correct Way to Think?

Many people have a false notion of reasoning that suggests if something is uncertain, they are free to believe what they want. While you're always free to believe anything, including falsehoods, that doesn't mean they are justified.  As Scott H Young says that my claim is that uncertainties, which are weighted appropriately, are the only justifiable beliefs to have. For many things in life, the uncertainty is so small we can ignore it. We don't regularly consider the possibility that gravity will cease to function and they'll float into space because the doubt is miniscule. But just because we can ... Read More