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Alma Core values

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Alma Core values

Alma Core Values & Reflects, What Is truly Important to the Participants.• Innovation • Excellence • Accountability • Knowledge • Dignity • Empowerment • Result-Oriented • Integrity • Flexibility • Collaborative • Supportive.





Alma Core values

The Alma holds the following core values & reflects what is truly important to the participants. These are not values that change from time to time, situation to situation, or person to person, but rather are the underpinnings of our culture.

 • Innovative

Research & Development is the life line of human prosperity. Alma, we are inventive and implement creative approaches to find solutions to difficult challenges, often breaking new ground with our visionary tactics. Alma entrepreneurs have proved the fact time and again. 

• Excellence

We set Benchmarks of excellence and quality in our work, firmly believing that children and youth deserve the best we can offer. We follow the concept of Total Quality Management to serve the stakeholders globally.

• Accountability

We follow up, follow through, and take personal responsibility to fulfill our commitments. All members practice code of conduct with high degree of responsibility to strengthen the long and valuable association.

• Knowledge 

We are passionate learners & knowledge seekers with an emphasis on enriching and evolving as an organization, while valuing local knowledge and approaching it with respect and humility. Knowledge is power behind Alma products.

• Dignity

 We believe that every person has equal rights, and we affirm the diversity that enriches our globalized world. Alma values dignity of humanity.

• Empowerment

We believe in the power of potential and promise in every child & woman. Context to this we have offered special provisions for the development of child & woman in the society.  Alma has initiated projects across the country to empower the underprivileged.

• Result oriented  

We measure our progress in relation to fulfilling our mission and evaluating the performance of our key programs and initiatives, seeking to constantly improve. We always say, “Yes” to performers and recognize them with prestigious Awards. 

• Integrity

 We promote strong ethical values, aspiring to always make the right decisions while carrying out a complex mission. Honesty is the best policy in services.

• Flexibility

We are nimble and resourceful, able to make decisions that require quick thinking and fortitude. Alma provides conducive & user friendly environment for better productivity and optimum benefits. 

• Collaborative  

We are inter- disciplinarians, working in an inclusive manner to achieve the best outcomes. We believe in achieving the objectives through Team efforts.

• Supportive

We foster a caring work environment that promotes team work, mutual respect, and professional development. ‘Once an Alma member, always an Alma member’ is being practice since inception of the organization and shall always be in the interest of ALL.


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