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Educate people and help them to discover themselves Educate people and help them to discover themselves

So to bridge the gap between Technology and general public, we at ALMA make all possible efforts to make every individual computer literate and I assure you all to work for the development of our nation and will not allow the money and distance to be obstacle in the way of progress.









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Shri Murli Manohar Joshi, Former Minister- HRD Government of India    

I am Glad to know that Alma is working for the benefit of people who could not avail computer education. The programs of ALMA are very helpful to facilitate delivery of   education at the doorsteps of villagers also.

This is a good beginning made by the organization to bridge the distance between student & education.


Shri Rajeev Shukla, Member- Rajya Sabha  

   We have imbibed the capabilities for working on diversified fields with creative imagination and perseverance in our students. The institute is actively exploring and developing new methods such as alternative teaching techniques and learning approaches that promote logical thinking and lifelong learning habits. Student are kept abreast with the latest technology and are provided with the sound knowledge in the basic area of the theory of computation , digital system, computer architecture operating system and networks among many others in computing and management sciences.
   At a higher level, advance database management systems, advanced computer networks replication and modeling, real time systems, advanced computer architecture, client server models etc. are covered. Apart from theory, students are involved in three semester's long term projects, which help them practice information technology, project management, software engineering, system analysis and design fundamentals and also improving their presentation and documentation's skills. At the end, every student is a young professional, with the good communicational, social and entrepreneurship skill.


 Shri Dr. Prabhakar Mishra, National President- Alma India 

   It is a matter of great privilege and humble pride to be associated with an NGO. The foundation of ALMA was laid on the solid trust among the founder members.  Its edifice built with the well-baked bricks of selflessness: the roof cover reinforced iron-will and a deep sense of service for mankind at large and the deprived section in particular.

   Our long nurtured ideals must go hand in hand with down-to-earth realities and contemporary need in the society. We had to tread with confidence without losing sight of caution. My learned friends and colleagues at ALMA have deftly carried out this peculiar balancing act and I congratulate them for it. Certain additions and alterations in such exercise are not only necessary but sometimes welcome too. However, the soul of this program, I trust, will form the keystone of our hollowed edifice. 




 Shri Vishnu Prasad Shukla, Chairman- Alma India 

   Alma has provided extraordinary opportunities to the students in the last decade. As Chairman, I am honored to be a part of this dynamic period in the history of ALMA. Our innovative integrated MCA, M tech, MMS and other computer programs are incorporated with the traditional of academic excellence and experimental learning.  The curriculum imbues the skills needed to succeed in a competitive global environment.
   Now it is very difficult to imaging the world without computers. So to bridge the gap between Technology and general public, we at ALMA make all possible efforts to make every individual computer literate and I assure you all to work for the development of our nation and will not allow the money and distance to be obstacle in the way of progress. 


Prof. (Dr.) Rajeev Sharma, Vice-Chairman- Alma India 

    Any accomplishment requires the effort of Team players. Alma is an organization that has reached to the height, due to praise worthy contribution made by the people involved with it. ALMA's strategy and policy are exquisitely designed to build a platform for the Nation's citizens to enhance their credential. The organization possesses an international reputation and has been accredited as NGO by Govt. of India. The State Government and the University Grants Commission support Alma to nourish talent and facilitate optimum potential release.
   The organization endeavors to adopt new learning methodologies to impart extensive, multidimensional and specialized knowledge to enable future professional to keep abreast with the changing needs of Industry globally.
   Mission of the organization is to educate people and help them discover themselves. On behalf of the ALMA family I extend you a warm welcome to visit our organization.



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