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Class X

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Introduction to Computer :-- Definition of computer, Benefits of computer

Parts of Computer :-- Hardware, Software, Definition of Hardware and Software

Introduction to Various Input and Output Device :-- Keyboard : Types of Keyboard, What is Keyboard, Number of Keys in Normal Keyboard, Introduction to Keyboard Keys, Backspace, Enter, Delete, Home, End,  Page Up, Page Down, Caps Lock, Shift, Tab, Ctrl

F1 to F12 Function Keys

Keyboard Processor

Pointing Device :-- Mouse, Trackball, Joystick, Light pen, Scanner ,Digital Camera, MICR, OCR, OMR Bar Code Reader, Voice  Recognition

Mouse :-- Types of Mouse : Optical, Mechanical

Buttons of Mouse : Left Button, Right Button

Output Device

Monitor :-- Types of Monitor

Printer :-- Types of Printer : Impact Printer, Non Impact Printer


Storage Device :-- Internal Storage Device : RAM, ROM

External Storage Device : Hard Disk, Floppy Disk, CD Drive, ZIP Drive, Pen Drive

Operating System :-- DOS (Disk Operating System), Introduction to  DOS

DOS Commands :-- Internal Commands, External Commands


Introduction to Windows XP and 2000

Features of XP and 2000



Icon :-- My Computer, Recycle Bin, Internet Explorer, How to Create Icon, How to Create Shortcuts

Introduction to Ms Word :-- Components of Ms Word, Title Bar, Menu Bar, Standard Toolbar, Format Bar, Drawing Tool, Ruler Bar, Document Window

File Management :-- How to Create File, Save File, Save As, Open File, Setting the Page for Printing, See the Print Preview, Printing

Editing in Document :-- Cut or Move  the Selected matter, Paste, Copy, Find, Replace, Goto

Formatting the Document :-- Change the Font Size , Change Color

Insert :-- Insert Picture

Make Hyperlink

Insert AutoText

Tools :-- Change the Automatic words using AutoCorrect, Protect document  using Password, Mail merge, Create Labels

Ms Excel :-- Features of Ms Excel, How to Calculate Data in Excel : Using  Formula, Using Functions : Average ( ), Auto Sum ( ), Max ( ), Min ( ), Count( ), Insert Rows, Columns and Cells, Edit the Cells, Sort Data using Data menu, Filter Data using Data menu

Introduction to programming concept :-- Types of programming language, Low level language, High level language, Types of language processor, Header file

Structure of programming language :--  Program structure, Comment, Define columns & Rows

Data type in C :-- Introduction to data type, Variables, Input statement

Operators and expression :-- Arithmetic operators, Increment and Decrement operator, Relational operator, Logical operator, And operator, Or operator, Not operator, Conditional operator

Decision control structure :-- Introduction to Decision Making statement, The switch statement

Loop control structure :-- Introduction, For loop, While loop, Do while loop, Loop termination

Introduction to HTML :-- Introduction to html, HTML element and tags, Evolution of HTML, Creating HTML document , Body element , Block formatting element , Heading element, Marquee element , Paragraph element , List element , Anchor element , Graphics element, Table element, Form element, Frame element

Java Script :-- Introduction to java script, Event in java script, Script element, Functions in Java script, variables, Operators, Comment Indicator, Conditional branching Statement, The switch Statement, Loops, Arrays, System defined function, Catching Errors, Cookies, Event handles, Object  Hierarchy model

VB Script :-- Introduction to VB Script, Variables, Operators, Conditional branching statement, Conversion functions, Predefined functions, String handling functions, Data type functions, Date Function

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