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Class IV

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Parts of Computer :-- Keyboard, Mouse, CPU, Monitor

Input /Output Device :-- Keyboard, Mouse, Scanner, Printer

History Of Computer (Generations) :-- 1st Generation, 2nd Generation, 3rd Generation, 4th Generation, 5th Generation

Introduction to Operating System :-- DOS : Introduction to DOS, CUI, Internal Commands (MD, CD, Copy Con)

Windows XP : Components of Windows XP

Paint Brush :-- Introduction to Drawing Tools, How to Draw an object, Save Drawing, Edit Colors, Save Object as a Wallpaper

 Word Pad :-- Introduction to Word pad, Components of Word pad, Saving Files, Printing, Editing using Cut Copy Paste, Apply Formatting to selected matter

Notepad :-- Introduction, Saving File, Editing, Printing

Calculator :-- How to use Calculator, Using  standard, Using scientific

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Fundamental Success scripts being true to your word is easy

  Say you’re going to do something and then do it. If you make plans to meet your friend, don’t ditch him for some random date. Likewise, if you commit to go on a date with someone, don’t back out at the last minute for no good reason. If you don’t want to commit, don’t commit. If you’re not sure whether you can, check and see. If circumstances change and you have to adapt or postpone the arrangement, that’s fine too. If someone doesn’t want to make an appointment and then realize he’d rather chill instead. He doesn’t want to give ... Read More

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