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Thoughts are Supreme and Create Your Life from Within

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Thoughts are the supreme thing in life. The outer environment is merely a reflection of the thinking. The master observed that people called him as such because he seemed to have some supernatural powers, but he added that this was true only in “the sense that one has learned how to master environment and conditions. Mastery of environment and conditions is one of the keys to being successful and living life from the inside out. As per well known motivator Dr. Moses, common sense living has it backwards. We tend to live from the outside-in, responding to and adjusting our lives to outer conditions and environment. But the correct process is to live from the inside-out. We can create our world from within us, in our minds, and then it will manifest itself through our effort and diligence to bring it about. James Allen was referring to this same law in his book “As a man Thinketh” when he said that when man “realizes that he is a creative power, and that he may command the hidden soil and seeds of his being out of which circumstances grow; he then becomes the rightful master of himself." The whole principle, as outlined in the book, could be given in more detail, but that is hardly necessary. The simple truth is clear. That is why it is often overlooked. But if you utilize it, it will work for you as it has for thousands before you. Use the power of your mind. Create your life from within.

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