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Stand up for your beliefs and be stronger to face the Situations

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All of us have certain values, i.e. notions we care about above everything else that guide our actions and behavior. Or so we’d like to think. The truth is, most of like to think we’re hot, but when the time comes, we don’t stand up for what we believe in. We don’t speak up for fear of being ridiculed, getting fired, or being rejected. We blend in with the crowd, even if we hate everyone in that crowd. It’s a human thing. We want to be liked and respected.

Without a proper backbone, this can go too far. Instead of choosing your battles, you just quit the war. You don’t stand up for yourself or your beliefs. You don’t speak up when someone disrespects you. You don’t stand up for others who cannot defend themselves. Are those really the traits of a strong person who should be respected? This can, of course, be a double-edged sword. If “who you are” is someone with low-quality values, then being unapologetic and refusing to change will really make you unlikeable. But if you are aware of your flaws and you have defined your values, then you should never feel bad for acting on them.

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