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Alma Foundation
(Skill Development & Empowerment)

Alma House, 18/3 pardeshipura,
Near Electronic Complex Indore - 452003
Madhya Pradesh (India)

Landline : +91 731 4222242
Fax         : +91 731 2573779
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Director's Desk

Santosh Shukla
Supreme Court, Advocate
(Cyber Securities)
Director, Alma Foundation

Mobile : 098930 72672 (Indore)
Mobile : 099939 50000 ( New Delhi)




Editor's Desk

How Much Faster Can You Learn?

Say you were to optimize everything you possibly could for a particular learning goal. You used the best time-management system, you picked exactly the right tasks that would drive learning improvement, you applied tremendous motivation and effort. How much faster could you learn something than the status quo would expect? The answer, of course, will be: it depends. But that's rather unsatisfying, if true, because the crucial question is: what does it depend on? Asking how much improvement over the status quo or expected rate of progress is an interesting question in many domains. In some areas, there might be ... Read More